Character Information
Allegiance(s): Black Cat Pirates
April 22nd
33 (debut)
35 (after timeskip)
207 cm (6'9½")
Cat Claw (gauntlets with katana blades)
16,000,000 Beli
Voice Actors:
Koichi Hashimoto
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Kuro (クロ) is the cunning captain of the Black Cat Pirates. Years before the story, Kuro planned on renouncing his title as Captain Kuro because he had become a notorious pirate. It changed when Marine captain Morgan attacked his ship. In the battle, Kuro slaughtered all the marines, but spared the marine captain but not before breaking his jaw and cutting off his right hand. he then pretended to serve under Kaya's family in Syrup Village with the false name Khaladore.

Eventually, his harsh nature was discovered by Luffy's crew who were visiting the village. Kuro then issues plans to kill Kaya and renounce his Captain title. During his battle with Luffy, Kuro drove himself to attack his own crew in a rage. Despite his efforts to not let his plans be disrupted, Luffy finishes the pirate captain with the Gomu Gomu no Kane. After the battle, the Black Cat pirate crew took their captain away and they were never seen since.

He is first seen in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 as a non-playable character.



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Fighting StyleEdit

Kuro uses a pair of cat gloves with katana blades attached called the Cat Claws. He is also a speedy fighting with the Pussyfoot Maneuver. His devastating attack, Out of The Bag Attack allows him to slice through enemies while almost invisible to the naked eye.


  • Normal Attack: Kuro does a spinning slash to the left with his right Cat Claw, then a slash to the left with his left gauntlet, then does two scissor slashes, then a hopping slash, then finishes by hopping forward to slash forward, then stops to fix his glasses.
  • Strong Attack: Kuro scissors his Cat Claws, then circles his gauntlets, before doing a spreading slash.
  • Nuki Ashi: Kuro warps away after jumping back, then warps at the enemy to do a slash to the left.
  • Sashi Ashi: Kuro flips back and warps away, then does a warping slash attack.
  • Shinobi Ashi: Kuro closes his arms together and warps above enemies, then comes down to do a spinning slash.
  • Musou: Out of the Bag Attack: Kuro shakes his arms violently, then warps around doing multiple slashes.
  • Taunt: Kuro shakes while holding one of his Cat Claws to his face.

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