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Kyūshū in Samurai Warriors 4
Date 1586~1587
Location The entire Kyūshū region
Result Shimazu surrender
Toyotomi Shimazu
Hideyoshi Toyotomi Yoshihisa Shimazu
Yoshihiro Shimazu

The Conquest of Kyūshū (九州征伐), also called the Pacification of Kyūshū or the Kyūshū Campaign, refers to the battle to claim the island of Kyūshū from the main island forces during Hideyoshi's rise to power.

Due to the distance between the island continent with the main island of Japan, Kyūshū mainly fought several internal conflicts with the native families. After the collapse of several kokujin and one of the main powers in Kyūshū, the weakened Yoshishige Ōtomo asked Hideyoshi for assistance after he lost one of his strongest vassals, Dōsetsu Tachibana. What followed was a chain of heavy conflicts between the Shimazu, the mightiest power in Kyūshū, and Hideyoshi's massive army.

The games often focuses on a romanticized version of the last conflict in the campaign, which is the Battle of Nerojizaka. Kyūshū was later the battleground for the Battle of Ishigakibaru, which took place during the Sekigahara Campaign.

Role in Games[]

Samurai Warriors[]

In every incarnation of the battle, Hideyoshi leads the campaign personally to help his conquest of uniting the entire land. He chooses to overwhelm the Shimazu with his numbers, hoping that they will surrender because of the massive army against them. However, Yoshihiro and his brothers aren't willing to give up without a fight, even though they know that surrendering is the best choice. The Shimazu brothers resist the invasion together and face their rivaled clan from the islands, the Tachibana family.

Samurai Warriors 2 has the Toyotomi army focus on taking Tsuruga Castle, which is guarded by Yoshihiro, away from the Shimazu. Since Ginchiyo is considered a necessary general for the battle, players are asked to ensure her survival. Adjacent to her is Iehisa Shimazu, who lures the lady general to cross the northern bridge between them. When she does, Yoshihisa orders the bridge to be destroyed and signals for an ambush. Saving her from the attack prolongs her survival in the battle. After Tsuruga Castle is taken, heading out from the east gate has Toshihisa Shimazu trigger an ambush. He cuts off the Toyotomi army escape by unleashing a rockslide to block their path. Meanwhile, the water geyser that once blocked the path to the Toyotomi main camp recedes. Yoshihisa takes advantage of the weak spot and orders Toyohisa Shimazu to invade the enemy's main camp. The volcano also erupts soon after and Yoshihisa orders the Shimazu to retake Tsuruga Castle. When the Toyotomi army approaches Yoshihisa's spot on the map, his younger brothers reappear to defend him. Routing them together ends the stage.

In the Shimazu side of the conflict, they have to retake Tsuruga Castle from the Toyotomi army. Since they have barricaded themselves from within, Yoshihiro orders the men to lure them out by defeating the generals outside. Defeating Nobuchika Chōsokabe has the gates open and spurs Hidehisa Sengoku to advance down the eastern path. Luring him further into the ravine allows the Shimazu to cut him off with the rockslide, triggers an ally general to appear for the ambush, and weakens the moral of Hidehisa. With the defenses thin, players are encouraged to take it from the remaining defender, Motochika. Taking the castle sparks Nene and Mitsunari's charge to reclaim it. Simultaneously, Toyohisa commences his charge for the main camp. However, he fails to read the geyser's flow as it erupts again. He is then caught in a pincer between Kanbei and Sakon. Heading north will have Ginchiyo upset and the players are asked to lure her out by defeating Ekei Ankokuji first. The bridge's destruction lowers Ginchiyo's morale, making her easier to defeat with Iehisa's ambush. Her defeat opens the doors for the Toyotomi main camp.

In Kotarō's final stage in his Story Mode, he moves his forces into Kyushu to unite the land under him, even though afterwards he gives control of Japan to Ieyasu. He fights against the Tachibana, the Shimazu, and Toyotomi remnants.

As Shingen and Kenshin's gaiden stage, they will face the Shimazu and what remains of the Oda here.

The Xtreme Legends expansion includes fictionalized events from the Battle of Hetsugigawa, which has Motochika and his son, Nobuchika, assist in the campaign as major players. Nobuchika excuses himself from the front lines to make other preparations for their troops. When Motochika runs past Tsuruga Castle, he stumbles upon a line of Shimazu snipers. Nobuchika shields his father from the line of bullets and dies. Motochika gains sympathy from Ginchiyo and Hideyoshi for losing his loved one in the conflict.

During the Tachibana version of the battle in Samurai Warriors 3, Ginchiyo and Muneshige fight in a fantasized version of the first battle in the campaign, the Battle of Iwa Castle. After losing his father to the Shimazu, Muneshige leads the army to retaliate and take the Shimazu's castles. Ginchiyo assists him by protecting their undermanned army and also guards the entry for their eventual Toyotomi allies. After the castles are taken, Hideyoshi and his men arrive to assist, shifting the tide of battle in their favor. When the Shimazu brothers are routed, they submit and Hideyoshi gains control of the area. Only Yoshihiro gets the Shimazu side as part of his story, while Ginchyo, Muneshige and Kiyomasa gets the Tachibana/Hashiba side, with Kiyomasa's version the hardest out of all three, as he also needs to protect Hideyoshi as well as Ginchyo and Muneshige, and prevent Yoshihisa Shimazu from reaching the escape point.

In Samurai Warriors 4, the Kyushu map has the two key locations of Iwaya and Tachibana castles. The early stages of the siege are represented when the Shimazu launch an assault to capture the castles from the clutches of Yoshihiro's rival, Jōun Takahashi. After breaking through the Otomo's staunch defenses, the Mori reinforcements led by Takakage Kobayakawa arrive to the west, who foreshadows things to come. After Joun succumbs to his death and a crestfallen Muneshige Tachibana is forced to retreat, Yoshihiro congratulates his rival for his ultimate ploy of bringing the Toyotomi to reinforce his clan, even in death, Yoshihiro admits that Joun made for a formidable opponent as he and Toyohisa Shimazu oversee the Toyotomi's ships arriving from the coast. The actual battle is seen only from the Toyotomi perspective, they are required to break through to Tachibana castle and rescue Muneshige and the four guardians of the Tachibana. Naotsugu Tachibana is isolated in the north and ambushed by Kotaro, who is scouting out the Toyotomi for his clan. The Toyotomi attempt a pincer attack against the Shimazu's constant ambushes and manage to break through sheer force to the main keep at Iwaya castle. Toyohisa and Yoshihiro both have valiant stands but Toyohisa also reappears to defend Yoshihisa inside the castle from enemy attacks. Eventually, Yoshihisa is forced to surrender and Hideyoshi finally sets his targets on the Hojo, the last great clan to resist him. Samurai Warriors 4-II adds the Shimazu perspective, the key difference being the addition of the Tokugawa's aid in the form of Naomasa Ii, who Toyohisa is delighted to start a rivalry with.

Warriors Orochi[]

Nobunaga seeks to find perfect additions for his anti-Orochi army here in Warriors Orochi. He and his army fight against Sakon, who has Zhang Jiao, Xiao Qiao, and Okuni lending their aid for his cause. Each major warrior within Sakon's coalition are supposed to be following his strategies, but the trio act on their own will during the battle. Kanetsugu appears as third-party ally for Nobunaga's army, sent by Kenshin to observe Nobunaga's activities. In the aftermath, Zhang Jiao and the others join Nobunaga's coalition against Orochi. As for Sakon, he is sent to help Sun Ce find his father.

In Warriors Orochi 2, this battlefield serves as the dream stage for Sun Shang Xiang, Da Qiao, and Oichi, as the three of them team up to save their husbands, Liu Bei, Sun Ce, and Nagamasa Azai from Da Ji. They are assisted by Zhu Rong and Meng Huo.

The first objective is to assist Meng Huo and Zhu Rong. After their rescue, Meng Huo was being fooled by Da Ji's tricks. Next for Shang Xiang, to rescue Liu Bei from poisonous gas. And later for Da Qiao, rescuing Sun Ce but suddenly the imposter Da Qiao also appeared and confuse Sun Ce which is the real Da Qiao. Realizing that Sun Ce is saved by the real one, Sun Ce still never forgive Da Ji's another tricks. And the last is Oichi, rescuing Nagamasa, but when she arrive, Nagamasa turns into a stone which was done by Da Ji again. Oichi has no other choice but to defeat the sorcerers. Okuni appears and trying to misbeliefing Oichi for Nagamasa, but easily defeated. And later, Dong Zhuo appears and attack him as well, instantly defeated for the sake of him. Zhu Rong and the allies back to assist Nagamasa. When it is almost done, Da Ji is tiring and force herself to retreat but decline to make sure all beloved die. Defeating Da Ji will end the stage, proved that the bond and the power of love will never broken.

Warriors Orochi 3 gives Kyūshū a new design based on the fictional world of Vyashion. Jia Xu, Deng Ai, and Sun Shangxiang pursue Da Ji to capture her. As Achilles blocks their path, Nemea appears and helps the coalition. After the battle he joins them. Goemon Ishikawa and Bao Sanniang also join for their own personal reasons.

The DLC stage "Memories of Vyashion" takes place here as Nemea reflect on what his life was like in his own world. Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang go with him as the demon army attempts to eliminate them.

In Ultimate, the player instead moves to Da Ji's side against the Coalition. When the battle starts, Jia Xu, Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo have yet to arrive, so Da Ji first orders that the southern garrisons be taken, and she also has to prevent Bao Sanniang's potential betrayal. Once the southern garrisons are taken, the Mōri army prepare their ambush while the main forces of the Coalition arrive, and advance on three fronts, with Yoshihiro taking the central path, Jia Xu taking the eastern path to Bao Sanniang and Ginchiyo and Nemea advancing on the western front. Ginchiyo will be led into the ambush if the southern garrisons are taken in time while Yoshihiro will be stalled by Himiko reactivating Kyushu's maze. Da Ji must still be wary as Nemea can still cause chaos and must be defeated for a huge morale boost, and that Jia Xu may instigate Bao Sanniang to defect. Defeating Jia Xu, Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo will end the stage.

In Warriors Orochi 4 the first one comes for Sun Quan forces with Tadakatsu, helping all poor peasants to defeat Dong Zhuo's forces. When its done, Dong Zhuo manage to crush all peasants, but fortunate with arrival of Ma Chao, Kanetsugu and Guan Yinping begin to assist Sun Quan and Tadakatsu. With Dong Zhuo's defeat because of Nobunaga's permission, all peasants are safe. Yoshimoto Imagawa and appears to defend the castle, order to find where Dong Zhuo is. When they arrive the castle, the gate is suddenly locked. The only way to do is to defeat the guardian. Defeating guardian will force the alliance to open the gate. With their victorious, No and Yoshimoto are retreat, but Sun Quan think about Nobunaga's plan. Ma Chao suggest to Sun Quan, Tadakatsu and others to meet Liu Bei and Kenshin, who form the alliance to fight against Nobunaga in the next battle to come.

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