Kycilia Zabi
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam
Allegiance(s): Principality of Zeon
Side 3 (Space)
173 cm [5'8"]
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Michelle Porter (EN)
Mami Koyama (JP)

Kycilia Zabi (キシリア・ザビ), sometimes called Princess Kycilia, is the sole daughter of the Zabi family, a part of the leaders for the first Zeon resistance against Earth. She is noteworthy for recommending Char Aznable, M'Quve, and Johnny Ridden to the Zeon forces -possibly having a romantic relationship with the latter.

Her defense for Char puts her at odds with Dozle, who discharged him for failing to protect their younger brother, Garma. Once she affirms her suspicions of their father's death at Gihren's hands, she kills her brother and takes command of the Zeon forces at the end of the One Year War. Placing faith in Char as the true ace of Zeon, she dons his skills as the key to winning the war. However, Char -to finish his revenge against the Zabi family- snipes her with a single shot from his bazooka after his duel with Amuro Ray, destroying the bridge of her Zanzibar cruiser in the process.

Mission ModeEdit

While mainly regulated to the Official Mode in the first game, Kycilia may appear to command a flagship at random within the sequel's original story mode. She doesn't personally appear, but she sends Johnny and M'Quve to reinforce Dozle's lone charge during his story mode.

When the player's character joins Zeon in the sequel, she may hail for their help in the Terminal due to Char's recommendation for the player. She wishes to covertly rescue M'Quve, hoping to keep the operation under wraps to avoid enemy detection. Once M'Quve is saved, she praises their hard work and seeks to employ the talented pilot under her ranks. She orders M'Quve to keep an eye on the new recruit, which unlocks him as a playable character.

If players choose to follow Char's plot to betray the Zabi family, Kycilia will be one of the prime victims in the assault.


Kycilia is a strict and perceptive woman who values the nobility of her family name. A devoted daughter, she also tries to alleviate her father's grief after Garma's death. Appreciating her words to an extent, her father nevertheless can't comprehend her ambitions and worries for the future of his family. Although her sometimes cold demeanor may look similar to Gihren's composure on the surface, Kycilia separates herself by demonstrating humane traits with a refined taste. She likes to form friendships with clean-cut military individuals and actually believes in the potential of Newtypes. In spite of her keen wit, she is unable to sense Char's true intentions for her until the very end.


  • "Yes. That will do."
  • "I think you've convinced me of the existence of Newtypes now, Char."
  • "How could they have made it in this far in!? Who do they think they are?"

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