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Lady Akatsuki
Quiz Battle Toukiden artwork
Character Information
First Appearance: Quiz Battle Toukiden
Nameless deity. Assumes the name of former village as an alias.

Lady Akatsuki (アカツキ様, Akatsuki-sama) is the navigator for the voiceless protagonist and the representative voice for the game's official Twitter account.

The protagonist is the only living person who can see the tree spirit in her true form. To others, she appears to be a docile Tenko.

Role in Game[]

Lady Akatsuki was the guardian tree spirit of Akatsuki Village. She says she has lived within the village for many years and learned human interactions, knowledge, and emotions by observing the residents who would rest under her boughs. Pleased by the daily episodes she witnessed, she feels close to humanity.

The protagonist finds her when her home is in ruins, already a victim to a demon horde. She notices that he/she has the gift of harnessing Mitama and asks them for assistance. Once the stragglers are defeated, the drained deity needs to migrate to another place to preserve herself. She transfers her remaining powers into a seed for the protagonist to foster. Before he/she can receive it, a wandering Tenko devours it.

Emerging prematurely into a hybrid childlike state, Lady Akatsuki follows the protagonist as his/her spiritual aide. Every demon he/she defeats fuels her maturation; she calculates that a leisurely pace will take about two hundred years for the protagonist to complete. Her sentience also fades if her life force is not restored at regular intervals. Her information causes the protagonist to become a Slayer to pick up the pace.

Eventually, the protagonist agrees to join the Hundred Demon Corps to better her recovery. Before the duo leave the village, Lady Akatsuki leaves behind a divine sapling at Utakata Village in gratitude to their benefactors. This sapling eventually matures to be the same divine tree seen in the main series.


Lady Akatsuki is a kind-hearted deity who is plucky and optimistic. She is a bit demanding in her wishes to help the people. Her wisdom and grace from her previous form remains, but she feels apologetic for her new body's weaknesses. She is a huge fan of the Three Kingdoms period and has reread scrolls recounting tales of the era countless times.


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