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Non-playable character.

Lapin (ラバーン) is the name of a giant race of carnivorous rabbits residing at Drum Island who are protective of their young. Luffy and company defeat an aggressive Lapin child in self-defense, but they struggle against the angered Lapin parent. The avalanche during their fight buries Sanji and the Lapin parent. When Luffy notices the Lapin child struggling to dig its parent out, he rescues the Lapin parent.

Later, when Luffy is alone against Wapol and struggles to protect a severely ill Nami and an unconscious Sanji, a group of Lapins comes to their aid to repay Luffy's kindness. The selfless act apparently causes the wild animals to trust humans. By the time the Straw Hats leave, they are content to coexist peacefully with Drum Island's residents.

Fighting Style[]

They have the strength and physique of a bear, but they retain the nimbleness of a normal rabbit. Lapins attack by smashing their paws into the ground like fists or by biting with their sharp fangs. They can use their weight to hop in one place and cause an avalanche.

Attack List[]

  • Normal Attack: Lapin swings its right arm down, then his left arm right, then two hopping upper swipes and slams its arms down on enemies.
  • Strong Attack: Lapin takes an ice block and chucks it at enemies, then swings two more with its left and right arms, then slams its body forward.
  • Hopping Slash: Lapin hops into the air and descends slashing its claws.
  • Rushing Ram: Lapin hops forward to ram enemies.

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