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This page lists the officers under Liu Biao's command during the Later Han Dynasty of China. This force interacts significantly with all three of the major kingdoms formed in this era. His forces, under the prompting of Yuan Shao, end up slaying Sun Jian. This earns him the Sun's family's enmity and their constant invasions. He offers sanctuary to Liu Bei after he flees Yuan Shao's army, stationing him at Xinye. Finally, Liu Biao's forces eventually succumb to Cao Cao's forces shortly after his death.

Dynasty Warriors adorns Liu Biao's army in purple (yellow in Dynasty Warriors 3). In Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Tactics, his army uses light blue as their main colors.



Other Family Leaders[]

  • Liu Qi – Liu Biao's oldest son
  • Liu Xiu – Biao's youngest son, died young
  • Liu Pan – Liu Biao's nephew
  • Liu Hu – another nephew
  • Cai Mao – Liu Biao's stepbrother through his second wife


  • Chenshi – first wife, died in 203
  • Caishi – second wife, served as a concubine first, became wife after first one died

Regional Governors[]






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