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Liu Yao's Forces (劉繇軍) is a military faction led by the administrator Liu Yao to counter Sun Ce's invasion on the Wu Territory. In Dynasty Warriors 4, the soldiers of this army wear green where as those led by Wang Lang and the bandit leader Yan Baihu are decked in blue and white respectively. But, three of them who wear purple in the third game and current games.

Fearful of Sun Ce and his former ally Yuan Shu, Liu Yao sought to strengthen his hold over Eastern Wu by forming an alliance with Yan Baihu and Wang Lang. His battle with Sun Ce led to numerous casualties for both sides. But in the end, it was the Little Conqueror's army that won out due to inadequate military decisions made by Liu Yao. At the behest of Taishi Ci, the remnants of Liu Yao's army were then absorbed into Sun Ce's troops, thus enlarging the forces of what would be known as Wu.






  • Sun Ce
  • Yuan Shu (After Liu Yao's revolt)


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