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Loophole of Time in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2.

The Loophole of Time (時空の狭間, Jikuu no Hazama or Toki no Hazama) is the name for a mystical place featured throughout the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de series. It serves as the necessary link between the modern world (the protagonist's home) and the parallel world (the world created by the dragon gods). While admittedly rare, natural entryways to this dimension can occur within either world.

The main function of the lifeless space is to provide a dimension in which nothing decays or ages, an eternal void of emptiness. Deities may rest within it to sever their ties to either world whilst maintaining their current state. When needed they can then will themselves or other people to enter either world's reality at whim. The spontaneous transfer is equivalent to time travel. So long as the god knows its objective, it can move between either world at any time. Any reigning deity from the parallel world has the power to open or close the portal to it, but time travel is a trait that is often associated with the White Dragon.

People can use the passageway of time in the same manner as deities. Should they falter their focus for their destination, however, they risk traveling to a different time entirely or may be condemned to wander the empty realm forevermore. Each time traveler keeps their memories of the timeline they have experienced, meaning they may "reset" the past in order to change the future. Time travelers are the only ones who retain their awareness of any erased timelines; these alternate fates are often not connected to one another.

Despite earlier titles stating that nothing resided within this pocket dimension, a reigning deity for the area exists.