Lord Aosame Full-SW3
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Murasame
Weapon Type:
Normal - Katana
Nightmare - Large sword
Unit Type: Unique
Significant Battle(s):
Aosame Castle
Murasame Castle
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 3
Character from Nintendo's The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

Lord Aosame (青雨城主, Aosame Jōshu) is the Blue Castle Lord in the Murasame Castle Mode featured in Samurai Warriors 3. He is the first castle lord that Takamaru comes across. He enslaved the local townsfolk with his shadow minions, which provoked the hero into storming his castle.

Role in GameEdit

Aosame Castle is filled with ice-elemental foot soldiers dressed in blue as well as small lightning rods that shoot spheres of electricity towards any intruder. These balls can also be hit to strike nearby enemies. Icicles hang from the ceilings and frost covers the castle's walls and floors. There are times when the player must destroy large sheets of ice to ascend through the area further.

When the player reaches Aosame, they must battle him and his minions. On Normal Mode he fights using Mitsuhide’s moveset, but on Nightmare Mode, he takes on a more demonic form and utilizes Kenshin's moveset. His stats are higher than normal enemy officers, but the lightning rods within his layer may be used to the player's advantage. He keeps a blue colored gem within his possession, which Takamaru receives after his defeat.

If the players collect three tanuki in the Nightmare difficulty setting, they can use Aosame's human model for their own characters.

Character InformationEdit


Like his element, Aosame is cold and calculating. Hes very calm, and deems all humans to be unworthy of his time. When Takamaru and his ally enter his castle he initially dismisses them as a nuisance and orders his demons to take them down. Hes genuinely surprised when they manage to reach him. Once defeated he refuses to believe it is possible for mere humans to be able to destroy him.