Lord Ryokusame Full-SW3
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Murasame
Weapon Type:
Normal Mode - A sword and two halberds
Nightmare Mode - Dual clubs
Unit Type: Unique
Significant Battle(s):
Ryokusame Castle
Murasame Castle
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 3
Character from Nintendo's The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

Lord Ryokusame (緑雨城主, Ryokusame Jōshu) is the Green Castle Lord in the Murasame Castle Mode featured in Samurai Warriors 3. Ryokusame is the third castle lord that Takamaru comes across.

Role in GameEdit

Ryokusame Castle is filled with all sorts of wildlife such as poisonous flowers that drain the player's spirit gauge until they are destroyed and beehives that release darts upon being hit plenty of times. Most noticeably are plants connected from the ceiling to the ground with glowing orbs of light in them. The castle is also guarded by various demonic ninja dressed in green to camouflage themselves with the environment.

When the player reaches Ryokusame, the player must battle him. On Normal Mode he fights using Toshiie’s moveset. On Nightmare Mode he takes on a more demonic, older looking, form and fights using Katsuie's moveset although wielding a pair of clubs, a set of exclusive weapons. His stats are higher than normal enemy officers. Isolating him may prove to be difficult due to the amount of ninja units spawning periodically. He keeps a green colored gem within his possession, which Takamaru receives after his defeat.

If the players collect thirty-three tanuki in the Nightmare difficulty setting, they can use Ryokusame's human model for their own characters.

Character InformationEdit


Ryokusame is as wild as the jungles filling his castle. Boastful and fool hearty, he believes him self the best, and when finding out intruders are in his castle he openly challenges them as a means of testing his might. Once defeated he laments his loss, not wanting to believe he could be outdone by anyone.