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Lu Lingqi
Dynasty Warriors 9 artwork
Character Information
Force(s): Lu Bu's Forces
170 cm (5'7")
Weapon Type: Bifurcating cross-bladed voulge (8:XL, 9:DLC)
Jian and tower shield (9)
Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
Historical Information
Real name:
Lü Língqǐ
Chinese name:
呂玲綺 - 吕玲绮
While her existence is noted in the Book of Han, her character's name is an original creation by Koei which began in Dynasty Tactics 2.
Warriors Orochi Info
Character Type:
Sacred Treasure:

Lu Lingqi (onyomi: Ryo Reiki) is a fictional name for Lu Bu's historically unnamed daughter. Not much is known about her, but her father attempted to use her twice for a political marriage with Yuan Shu's son. Her marriage was considered but refused both times due to the warlord's loose trust in her father's integrity. Romance of the Three Kingdoms describes that it was additionally fueled by his loathing for Lu Bu's arrogance.

Before her playable Dynasty Warriors appearance, Lu Bu's daughter is mentioned to be leaving in a carriage at Xiapi during the fourth installment. It is never specified if she is Lu Lingqi or not. The latest character poll for the eighth installment puts her in eighth place. The character poll for overseas fans puts her in second place for the Other division and sixth in the semi-final round. She is the fourth most transcended character in the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed character poll. She won third place in the Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate popularity poll. This character interpretation has a character image song, SURVIVE.

Her Dynasty Tactics counterpart appears as a fictional bonus character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and Sangokushi 12 Taisenban. She can be used in the first game if the player has Dynasty Tactics 2 save file on their memory card.

Role in Games[]

Dynasty Warriors[]

Dynasty Warriors Lu Lingqi was left behind by her father at the capital when he was forced out by Li Jue and Guo Si. She is only playable in Lu Bu's historical route and participates in many of his campaigns, starting with the Battle of Xiapi. When Liu Bei and Cao Cao overrun her father's forces at Xiapi, she regretfully follows his last wish to escape for her survival. In Guan Yinping's what-if scenario, Lu Lingqi steals Red Hare from Liu Bei's forces, claiming that the horse is her father's legacy. Guan Yinping and her party drive her back.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has her appear as an enemy officer alongside Song Xian in one of the early missions of the Xuzhou campaign.

Lu Lingqi's bond stories show tidbits of her time with Lu Bu during his independent campaigns. Initially resigned to marrying Yuan Shu's son, she is relieved to hear her father calling off the arrangement after learning how much a fool her fiancé is. While many potential suitors find her attractive, none of them are brave enough to cross Lu Bu whose intimidation keeps Lu Lingqi from gaining much companionship. Nevertheless, she is content to remain by her father's side as a full-fledged warrior.

Lu Lingqi's reprises her previous role in Dynasty Warriors 9, and she first joins her father's army after they flee Luoyang. Despite her father's objections, she argues that she will not be a liability and eventually convinces him. The group attempt to join the conflict between Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao, but the former refuses to give them troops whilst the latter only has them fight a small group of bandits under Zhang Yan before biding their time.

Unhappy with both, Lu Bu's army heads to join Cao Cao but are met by his strategist, Chen Gong, who defects and proposes they take the warlord's base in his absence. Despite besting the warlord in his return trip home, Cao Cao's reserve troops are able to retake Yan Province with the bulk of Lu Bu's army in Dingtao, and the group flee to Liu Bei of Xu Province instead and take it for themselves.

To establish their army, Lu Lingqi joins her father's march to Shouchun to force the battle between Yuan Shu and Liu Bei to a halt and forge an alliance with one. While Liu Bei returns to Xiaopei, Yuan Shu is interested in the alliance, but only if Lu Lingqi marries his son. Lu Bu flatly rejects the offer and returns to Xiapi, where he learns Liu Bei was now having secret talks with Cao Cao. Though they drive Liu Bei back to Cao Cao, the pair turn the tides and progressively push the Lu Bu's forces back to Xiapi, which is subsequently flooded. Despite their efforts, the combined forces of Cao Cao and Liu Bei would prove too much for them.

Although captured, she is spared from death and left with Zhang Liao in Xuchang under the condition she no longer battles. After several requests, Zhang Liao obtains Lu Bu's halberd and allows Lu Lingqi to practice her father's weapon. Remembering that though she was never trained by her father, who never wanted her to fight, she would've still been scolded for not committing to whatever path she chose for herself. Bidding farewell to her father's legacy, Lu Lingqi promises to continue on fighting and to survive through the war.

In other stories, Lu Lingqi is found at Dingtao and Xu Province against Cao Cao and Liu Bei respectively. She later joins Zhang Liao with guarding Liu Bei's escape route after learning he intends meet up with Cao Cao in Xuchang, but can be duped into abandoning her post by taking out Chen Gong in Xiapi, forcing her to re-position herself there, leaving only Zhang Liao to guard the way to Xuchang. In the allied side for Xiapi, she can be found leaving for Yuan Shu's domain to request reinforcements.

In Dong Bai's DLC scenario, Lu Lingqi is spared after Dong Zhuo's granddaughter takes revenge on Lu Bu for her grandfather's death, and serves under Dong Bai as she prepares to go after Zhang Liao and Cao Cao. Assigned with Chen Gong to attack Shouchun, guarded by Guo Jia, Xun You, and Xun Yu, Lingqi is unable to attack the city as Guo Jia sealed the gates. However, Chen Gong sends a decoy force towards Xuchang in the hopes of throwing off Guo Jia. It works, and Guo Jia opens the gates to send some of the garrison troops after the decoy, allowing Lingqi to make her move, making Guo Jia uneasy when he sees the Daughter of the Demon attacking him, and Lingqi and Chen Gong manage to destroy the last of Cao Cao's front line defenses for Dong Bai.

Warriors Orochi[]

Lu Lingqi is a loyal officer of her father in Warriors Orochi 4, accompanying him throughout his battles. Hoping to aid Odin's eventual promise for endless battles for her father to enjoy himself with, Lu Lingqi fights the Coalition multiple times.

At Guangling, however, Ina reveals Odin's wish to destroy the world except for himself. As a destroyed world would mean total annihilation, and no more battles to fight, Lu Lingqi agrees to defect. Her betrayal is quickly followed by her father's, who wished to fight the Coalition more despite Odin's orders to withdraw, and Chen Gong's, who was aware of Odin's true plans.

After the battle, she and the rest of her father's army join the Coalition.

She later participate in Ōsaka Castle with Xingcai and Oichi to defend the central gates by defeating Himiko while the others focus on searching Zeus. In side story, she participates in Guangling with Sun Shangxiang and Lady Hayakawa in order to rescue their each fathers, Sun Jian and Ujiyasu. She also taunt Gyūki to execute volley attack.

Dynasty Tactics[]

She is a general under her father in Dynasty Tactics 2. Wanting to live up to her father's name and respecting her late mother's wishes, she's often eager to prove herself on the battlefield. She hopes to always stay beside Lu Bu and keep an eye on him. Her father however, cares very dearly for her, and would prefer it if she stayed out of warfare for her own safety.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms[]

Lü Lingqi debuted in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series in the eleventh installment alongside many other female characters. In her debut entry, Lu Lingqi first appears as a secret officer and becomes a regular general in her father's army in subsequent titles. She has very low stats for domestic affairs but her WAR and LDR are among the highest even within the male officers. In every entry she has appeared in she has been the strongest female warrior in the game without comparison. In general, Lu Lingqi is an formidable officer but tends to die before she is 20 years old, making her talents ephemeral.

In the eleventh title, Lu Lingqi has preference for mounted troops with a special skill that confuses the enemy with cavalry tactics.

In the thirteenth title, if Lu Lingqi is the player character than she has the choice to join Cao Cao's army if Lu Bu is defeated through the surrender at Xiapi special event, and will be released if she refuses. Lu Lingqi is expected to die young of unnatural causes, but can live a natural lifespan of around 40 years if she survives and can have her lifespan extended through obtaining medicinal books and items.

Character Information[]

Lu Lingqi's Shin Sangoku Musou 15th Anniversary artwork.


Since Lu Lingqi is one of many people who has nothing personally written in depth about her, Miyauchi remarks that it was difficult to devise her scenarios. He stressed that her relationship with Diaochan was one of the hardest hurdles for them to tackle.


Dynasty Warriors Lu Lingqi is a courageous woman who shares her father's love for battle. However, she fears being left alone due to being left behind during her father's flight from the capital. Lu Lingqi seems to share a one-sided rivalry with Guan Yinping and often fights to prove not only having the superior training but also the superior father. She also harbors mixed feelings towards Diaochan, acknowledging the maiden's importance in her father's life yet not fully forgiving her for using him.

In the Warriors Orochi series, she starts a rivalry and friendship with Ina, respecting the maiden's skills but becomes bashful at her request to train together. She also becomes fast friends with Lady Hayakawa, who is sympathetic to the contrasting struggles she and her father endured.

Voice Actors[]

  • Lauren Landa - Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (English)
  • Kacie Rogers - Dynasty Warriors 9 (English)
  • Wendee Lee - Dynasty Tactics 2 (English)
  • Xinyuan Fan - Dynasty Warriors 9 (Chinese)
  • Jo Hyeon Jeong - Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed (Korean)
  • Kim Boyeong - Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (Korean)
  • Hiroko Ushida - Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends~9, Warriors Orochi 4 (Japanese)
  • Akemi Satō - Dynasty Tactics 2 (Japanese)
  • Aki Nagao - Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 (Japanese)
  • Chiemi Ishimatsu - Sangokushi Legion
  • Natsumi Fujiwara - Sangokushi Hadou (Japanese)


See also: Lu Lingqi/Quotes
  • "I continue to prove what my father has taught me!"
  • "I am not alone... Everyone told me that. I thank all the people who voted for me from the bottom of my heart."
"You always look so tense. How about smiling once in a while?"
"I'm afraid I was born looking like this. I also find it hard to smile when there's nothing to smile about."
"You are very cute. Seriously, you should try to smile more."
"Cute? I am not! Stop it with your jokes."
"See? You look even cuter when you're blushing. I'll help you work on your smile."
~~Sun Shangxiang and Lu Lingqi; Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
"How do I truly feel about you?... When I look at you like this right in front of me, I feel so torn and confused..."
"You hate me deeply, surely. I was the one who whispered to Lord Lu Bu and led him to kill Lord Dong Zhuo."
"That would be the natural reaction, but for some reason my feelings are more complex. When my father was in Luoyang, he always looked so stern and dissatisfied. He only ever smiled when he was with you. I loved his face at those times. So I find that I don't hate you as much as one might expect."
"Lady Lingqi. Thank you for saying that."
"Yet, I still cannot forgive your deeds. I can only hope that the passage of time will heal these mixed feelings."
~~Lu Lingqi and Diaochan; Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
"What kind of training do you like to do, Lingqi?"
"I-I just face myself head on and swing my weapon. I don't do anything particularly special."
"What a strong core you have. How lovely! I'm quite moved."
"Wh-What are you talking about, Lady Ina!"
"Even though you have a father everyone calls the strongest, you pay that no mind, simply training yourself. I could learn a lot from you."
~~Ina and Lu Lingi; Warriors Orochi 4


See also: Lu Lingqi/Movesets

Dynasty Warriors 9[]



Keys: Square Flow Attack • Triangle Reactive Attack • Circle Musou X Jump/Mount

Lu Lingqi is affiliated with the sword and shield in this appearance.

Unique Flow Attack:
Unique Trigger Attack (R1 + ):
Special Technique (R1 + Circle):
Musou (Circle):
Aerial Musou (X + Circle):


See also: Lu Lingqi/Weapons

Lu Lingqi uses the crossed pike as her default weapon.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers[]

Iron Pike
Cross Halberd - 1st Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 52~97
Rank: 1 ★
Swift Pike
Cross Halberd - 2nd Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 81~151
Rank: 2 ★
Spinning Pike
Cross Halberd - 3rd Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 126~234
Rank: 3 ★
Soaring Pike
Cross Halberd - 4th Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 196~362
Rank: 4 ★
Ultimate Collapse
Cross Halberd - 5th Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 302~561
Rank: 5 ★
Soaring Wings
Cross Halberd - 6th Weapon (DW8XL).png Base Attack: 468~702
Rank: 6 ★


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