From left to right: Li Li, Mei Mei, Luo Luo

Mei Mei, Li Li, and Luo Luo (美美・理理・瑠瑠) are the original names for Zhang Fei's daughters in Kessen II. Mei Mei is the eldest, Li Li is the middle child, and Luo Luo is the youngest. They are fictional interpretations of Zhang Fei's two daughters, both known as Empress Zhang.

All three sisters are voiced by Ai Maeda in the Japanese version and they share the same height: 155 cm (5'1").

Role in GameEdit

Zhang Fei's daughters help their father serve their honorary uncle Liu Bei. During the bloody conflict preluding Diao Chan's imprisonment under Cao Cao, Mei Mei momentarily retrieves the dancer. However, she is killed by one of Cao Cao's soldiers and they lose Diao Chan. Zhang Fei swears to avenge his eldest daughter's death, furiously insisting for his brother to wage war with Cao Cao.

Li Li and Luo Luo share their father's sentiments and often join him in the front lines. When they are not on the battlefield, Li Li and Luo Luo act as Liu Bei's ninja-like intelligence units and are often seen reporting urgent news for their leader. They additionally serve as the entertaining dancers for their lord's banquets. They share a rivalry with Dong Xuanfeng and Xi Xuanfeng, the game's Wei equivalent.

If the player chooses to fight the Mt. Dingjun battle during Shu's story, the two daughters will be kidnapped by Cao Cao's army. An isolated Zhang Fei will become furious and an open target for Xun Yu's tactics. After they are rescued they apologize for the trouble they have caused, but the father is overjoyed to see them unharmed. If the player decides to fight in the Wei Xing battle during Shu's story, they can see a cinematic depicting the daughters' martial art capabilities.


  • "I will not lose!"
  • "Don't worry, Father! I'm coming for you."
  • "Charge! Follow me."

Fighting StyleEdit

Both daughters often act as supporting generals for their father's unit. They help him keep morale and whittle the enemy numbers with their officer skills. If they are in Zhang Fei's unit, his army can be a solid defensive unit. If the player is using Wei units and the sisters are leading their own units, challenge them to a duel in a bid to lower their morale. They will never accept it.

Li Li leads infantry for her father. Her officers' skills are dedicated primarily to defense or providing complementary support for her father. Her Rally and Rush abilities can be used in place of Zhang Fei's if the player so desires.

Luo Luo commands an archer battalion. Her unit relies entirely on keep away to be effective, so avoid breaking her formation whenever possible. Since her Volley command recharges at a quick rate, abuse it. It may confuse the enemy army long enough for a well-timed officer ability from the front line officers.