Mio and Miyu
Character Information
Voice Actor(s):
Asami Imai (Mio)
Yumi Hara (Miyu)
First Appearance: Toukiden Kiwami
Names are rearrangements of their voice actors' names.

Mio (美麻) and Miyu (美柚) are secondary characters who reside in Utakata Village. Their voice actors are hosts from Famitsu's secondary online divisions of reporting.

Role in GameEdit

Mio and Miyu are locals to Sacred Mountain and daughters to editor-in-chief of the Daily Sacred Mountain newspaper. Their father once ran a shelter for Slayers during the "Awakening" and is a friend of Yamato and Kuyou. He is Mio's biological father; he adopted Miyu after he learned she was a war orphan and stranded on the streets. His daughters look up to him as their idol.

The sisters helped their father's business, even when he started the newspaper publication company. Sometime before the main setting, Mio learned their father was censoring the truth of the Slayers' struggle to the public. She bickered with her father over the disclosure but his word was absolute. Refusing to butter the truth with lies, Mio brought her sister with her to discover it for themselves. The sisters ran away from home and followed the Hundred Demon Corps to Utakata Village.

Both ladies present themselves as reporters from Sacred Mountain. They work part-time at Utakata's shop to cover living expenses for their stay. During their stay, the sisters run the Utakata newspaper service to report the protagonist and Slayers' activities to the town. The protagonist can read their work at the desk within his/her home.

In the lull of peace which follows Izuchikanata's defeat, their father has learned of their location and sends Kuyou a letter. The sisters read it and decide to return home to him. Hoping to leave the village with no regrets, they interview the Slayers' daily lives to write about the truth they have witnessed at Utakata. Once their last publication is distributed, the sisters prepare to return to Sacred Mountain.

Yamato gives their work to their father who is impressed by their journalistic integrity. He tells them to pursue their own investigation style. The protagonist passes on the word before the sisters leave for home and are convinced to staying at Utakata Village.


Mio is a perky and daring maiden. She aggressively pursues her stories to sate her intense curiosity. Her righteousness drives the sisters to where ever they desire.

Miyu is calm and observant. She focuses on hiding her thoughts for a story, trying to conceal herself for the best coverage. Her main goal is to help please her father and older sister, feeling indebted to them for saving her from poverty.

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