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Mitama (ミタマ) refers to the spirits of dead heroes in the Toukiden continuity. Depending on the Japanese religious faith, the real world definition for mitama is an honorific for a soul or incorporeal aspects of a soul, such as aramitama or kushitama (Shintoism). The closest English equivalent to it would be "psyche".

When a figure's soul is devoured by demons, there is a slight chance that their soul will remain conscious after their death. Chances increase if the devoured victim was a reputable figure or hero against the demon threat during their mortal lives. These heroes retain memories of their past life and a fraction of their abilities. Any departed soul from any time era or country can emerge as Mitama.

If the wishes of the living binds them to the mortal realm, a soul can be reborn as a bodiless Mitama to fight again. They cannot be used until someone frees them from the demon which ate them. Any souls who are candidates but fail to realize their new purpose are dubbed "lost children" by other Mitama.

Slayers are commonly the only people who can telepathically converse with them and harness their fighting potential. The unspoken rule is one Mitama per person. If two Slayers form a close bond, there is a rare chance that their hearts can open to one another and they can share one of their Mitama. Simultaneous interactions with multiple souls are considered rare, a gift the protagonists naturally exhibits.

According to Lady Akatsuki, Christmas is a celebration of Santa Claus's heroics. Several hundred years before the main setting, he was spotted fighting against the demons and allegedly lost his life in battle. His legendary Mitama continues to wander Nakatsu Kuni to give presents on the holiday. It's rumored that Slayers have a chance to converse with his spirit if they slay demons during the day of his annual duty.

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