Mobile Joy or MobileJOY (モバイルジョイ) is a bonus option in various Koei titles made exclusive for Japanese cellphone services. By registering a Koei product with a respective cell phone service, players can unlock bonus items or features for their purchased game. Character wallpapers, voiced lines, or select songs can be made available for the user's cellphone.

In order to perform a Mobile Joy transfer, the requiring steps must be taken:

  1. Purchase one of the games listed below.
  2. Look for the password code and connect to Koei's cellphone network.
  3. Input the password with the corresponding game.
  4. When the cell phone successfully connects, another password will be shown on the cell phone.
  5. Have the game on and find the Mobile Joy option. Input the password into the game's Mobile Joy screen.

If all steps are done correctly, the link will be established. Some of the Mobile Joy's features are free, but others require a form of payment to be made available. These items can become purchased through Koei's point system available to registered online members or fanclub members.

Recently, cellphone and in-game bonuses can be obtained by registering with one of Koei's cellphone games for a limited time. These tie-ins are listed on the Collaborations page.

Games with Cellphone BonusesEdit

Mobile Cellphone ServicesEdit

Aside from making cellphone versions of their various historical simulations, Koei-Tecmo offers the following services for Japan.

  • Koei Merokore
Allows images and music to be downloaded into cell phone. Includes several Koei classics such as the Nobunaga's Ambition, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Genghis Khan, Winning Post, and others.
  • Koei Selection
Revised version of Koei Merokore with different images and music. Created with Flash.
  • Mobile Musou
Lets users download images and music from various Warriors titles.
  • Neo-Romance Fortune
Tells daily fortunes with 76 different Neoromance characters. Includes Tarot card readings, musical fortunes, and a compatibility reading.
  • Neo-Romance Avenue
Allows character voice clips, images, and wallpapers to be made available on a cell phone.
  • Show Retro Game Shonen * Jidai
Features various mini-games as Flash applications.

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