Mozgus (BBH)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Holy See Religious Order
222 cm (7'3") (Human form)
Apostle Spawn Form: 280 cm (9'2") (Apostle form)
145 kg (320 lbs) (Human form)
Apostle Spawn Form: 299 kg (659 lbs) (Apostle form)
Apostle form
Voice Actor(s):
Also known as Bloody Scripture Mozgus.

Mozgus (モズグス Mozugusu) is a secondary antagonist in Berserk and a boss character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

He is the Inquisitor of the Holy See Religious Order. Mozgus was sent to St. Albion to conduct hunts along with the Holy Chain Iron Knights. He was known to enjoy torturing heretics. Years before, he was bestowed power by an Apostle, making him a monstrous creature, which he considered to be a gift from God.

One day, he accuses Casca of being a heretic and intends to have her burned at the stake. But Guts stops the proceedings, then confronts the Inquisitor in the Tower of Conviction. During their fight, Mozgus attempts to get Guts to recant his beliefs. After a long hard battle, Guts impales Mozgus on his sword and throws him from the tower.


Mozgus is a devout and bloodthirsty priest. He believes in torture to cleanse the world of heretics.


  • "I must wipe out the heretics!"
  • "We have nothing to fear!"
  • "God. For God and God alone, do we act."
  • "This is the trial you must face!"
  • "Let us devote ourselves gladly to this trial!"
  • "Your blasphemy will not be forgiven!"
  • "Come hither, great strength!! Come hither, super power!!"
  • "No matter who you are, God is with me!"
  • "Impure swords cannot reach me!"
  • "The fool that spits at heaven!!"
  • "Demons! Fall under the light of god!"
  • "Come face me!"
  • "My faith..."

Fighting StyleEdit

Utilizing his Apostle form, Mozgus mainly relies on his extra arms made from his wings to punch enemies. He can also smash his wing arms on the ground, causing a quake via God's Pressure. With God's Thousand-Strike Cannon, Mozgus can release wing-like projectiles to rapidly hit players. God's Breath has Mozgus blast fireballs out of his mouth. He can also spin rapidly around to heavily damage players if they are not careful.

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