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Musou Battlefields (無双の戦場, Musou no Senjō) is a feature introduced in Warriors Orochi 3. It allows the customization of already cleared stages by editing the allied officers, enemy officers, and even the lines characters speak in the stages. It is expanded upon in the Ultimate expansion.


First, the player is required to select any battlefield cleared in Story Mode. Afterwards, they will encounter a list of the following options below. Note that edit points are only used for ports prior to Ultimate.

Change Lines[]

Enables players to modify the script by substituting lines another officer says during the course of the story. In Ultimate, new lines can be created as well.

Change Officers[]

This allows the customization of both allied and enemy officers, changing their models despite retaining the same name. The original only allowed 5 characters to be implemented due to the 50 point edit-system (Wolves and Tigers are worth 5 points each). Ultimate enables players to create clones of officers while the original limited this feature to Lu Bu and Orochi in the elements section.

Change Music[]

Changes the music of the stage. More tracks are unlocked by clearing battles in Story Mode.

Add Elements[]

Alters individual aspects of the battle which include sound effects, AI, morale, and even individual troop types for each side. Time limits may also be adjusted at the player's own preference. The amount of edit points used for modifying elements may vary depending on how radical of a change it is. These only apply to each individual stage and more are unlocked as the player progresses through Story Mode.

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