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Musou Rage is a feature in Dynasty Warriors 5. When players pick up a Musou Token and press the right analog stick, they will receive a 15 second buff: attack and defense stats are doubled and greatly increased attack speed. In addition, players gain a full Musou bar, the effect of the Way of the Musou is applied, and a character won't flinch from normal attacks. However, players can be subject to a one-hit KO when fighting Lu Bu, or a Juggernaut, due to lack of flinching and thus taking hits at a more frequent rate without any pushback. Players glow a golden color while under the effects of Musou Rage.

In Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2, a character under the effects of Musou Rage receive bonus experience for defeating an officer.


It is recommended for players to use Musou Tokens when surrounded by a crowd of peons or multiple officers in higher difficulty settings like Hard or Chaos. Extra tokens can automatically be granted by killing 100 enemies while equipping fourth weapons. Furthermore, heavy weapon users benefit the most from the increased attack speed gained by Musou Rage.

AI-controlled playable officers, when in Hyper mode, usually have a Musou Token on them and will use it when at mid to low health. To defeat an officer in a Musou Rage, players can activate their own Musou Rage or run away a short distance to wait for the effect to dissipate. Players must keep them within visible range or the officer will be able to reuse their token. If a player and enemy officer engage one other in a Musou Rage, neither will flinch from attacks until the player jumps, uses a charge attack or Musou. Another viable option to deal with these officers is to juggle them with fire - either by an innate fire-elemental attack or any charge attack with a fire orb equipped.

There is a glitch where some playable officers have a possibility of using the Musou Rage at full health. This is performed by simply camping at the location where the officer will appear. This also applies to the enemy commander if they do not appear at the start of the battle.

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