Sample cards presented by Ruby Party.

Neoromaster (ネオロマスター) is a coined phrase for devoted Neoromance fans that has existed since the '90s. Ruby Party branded it in 2016 as a marketing gimmick for attendees of Neoromance stage events.

The copyrighted Neoromaster presents participating attendees with a sticker card. If the holder attends a participating event and presents the card, they will receive a sticker based on the day of their attendance. Once a card is filled, the holder can proceed to the next rank, the final stage being Platinum.

  • 5 stickers - rewarded a unique Twitter icon of favorite Neoromance character
  • 17 stickers - promotion to silver
  • 22 stickers - rewarded a Twitter icon of favorite Neoromance character with holder's name on it
  • 34 stickers - promotion to gold
  • 39 stickers - receive a personalized character message via email
  • 50 stickers - promotion to platinum; first-bids on lobby admission for live events

Stickers that are earned are accumulative and do not need to be earned again. Card photos and scanning is prohibited. If the card has stickers for one event that exceeds the official limits of each day, they will be invalidated.

Neoromaster cards are projected to end July 2019.

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