Nobutoshi Canna (神奈 延年, Kanna Nobutoshi, born June 10, 1968 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor who is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Canna became his new legal name in the year 2000; his family name before then was Hayashi (林). He named himself after the wood a craftsman shaves, as if he were refining himself as a better person.

During his childhood years, he was a child actor who first appeared to audiences when he was three years old. He continued to appear in various commercials and movies until junior high school. After he graduated from high school, he tried his craft at theatrical work by joining the Seitou Theatrical Group. He eventually desired to become a voice actor and made his debut in the early nineties. One of his hobbies includes playing his guitar, which he uses as he sings in various musical units and original vocal CDs.

Canna lends his voice for several characters in the entertainment industry and often sings in character image albums. A few of his roles include Guts in the Berserk TV series, Ban Mido in Get Backers, and Nowaki Kusama in Junjou Romatica. Within the Japanese dubbing industry, he voices Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Jimmy in I Love You Phillip Morris, and Booster Gold in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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  • Neoromance 20th Anniversary Eve
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  • Neoromance Starlight ♥ Christmas 2011
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  • Shin Sangoku Musou Seiyu-Ranbu Autumn 2011
  • Japan Otome ♥ Festival
  • Neoromance ♥ Event 10 Years Love
  • Neoromance ♥ Fan Kansha Festival
  • Neoromance 15th Anniversary
  • Neoromance 15th Anniversary Special Neoromance ♥ Live ~Angelique & Neo Angelique~
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