Nue (NO)

Nue is a giant yokai in Nioh. It serves as Fuka's familiar and protects the area of Dazaifu.

Battle DataEdit

Video Strategy:Edit

Killing Nue No hit

Killing Nue No hit


  1. Calls down lightning one to four times, severely damaging players and stunning them.
  2. Spews a mid range lightning breath.
  3. Rolls at the player for physical damage while lightning falls behind the yokai's trail.
  4. Unleashes two heavy swipes.


  • Kusarigama users can employ their weapon's heavy attack to hit Nue from behind the trees in the boss fight.
  • To avoid being hit by lightning, have the boss open up the shrine on the east side of the arena.
  • Bring ammo that does extra damage on yokai, wait for Nue to use lighting attacks, then shoot its chest when it's glowing red for bulls-eye damage.

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