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Nyabraham Linnyahn (ニャブラハム・リンニャーン) is Koei-Tecmo Holdings's company mascot. Members of Koei's fanclub voted him as their mayor of the official product website, Gamecity, in a 2011 mock election. He is addressed as Mayor Nyabraham (市長・ニャブラハム, Shichō Nyaburahamu) by company executives.

Nyabraham often serves as a secondary marketing device for the company's Japanese social networks. His design is reminiscent to the Samurai Cats kitties, so a costumed Nyabraham is often paired with Oda Nobunyaga during live company PR events.

He is considered a staff member of my GAMECITY and the owner of Nyabraham Game Park. Any registered user can befriend him instantly. Players of the discontinued eponymous social game could have visited his town for free resources. Befriending him did not grant any of the friendship bonuses aside from giving him a greeting. He tends to call users "citizens" (民, tami) and writes with a feline twang in his community feedback.

Nyabraham began posting in his journal during mid 2014. The August messages make attempts to further establish his character.


"By the People, For the People."

Born in the worldwide capital "Nyanshington". Has the ambition to someday become president. His ambition's so strong he can't hold it back. Normally gives the impression of being rough, but his drive to give it his all is promising.

"I don't want to stop at Mayor. I'll become the President!"

Hobbies - Golf (he's got a mean swing with his cane!)
Special Skill - Kick boxing (his kicks can rip up the earth!)
Likes - Cat food (soft kinds)
Dislikes - Cat food (crunchy types)

Shinobimono (later named Nyanzou, the Gamecity Secretary) - "Please consider Nyabraham for your vote!". His second feline secretary, which was named by a my GAMECITY user, is called Amy.

Game AppearancesEdit

  • NINJA GAIDEN 3 - free Japan only downloadable costume
  • Shichou Janpai Solitaire - model for mahjong tiles; paired with Nyanzou
  • my GAMECITY - mod account in the game; model for the Cat Suit and Mayor Hat avatar parts
  • Niikakudori - the game's description states Nyabraham created it to challenge members
  • Card Collection - seven characters in the GAMECITY tag
  • Tsurineko ~Nyanzou Kikki Ippatsu~ - randomly pops in to provide commentary
  • Kantou Chihou Kentei - title screen and end cards
  • Daikoukai Jidai Online - earn his statue in a set of limited time Japan only my GAMECITY missions
  • Toukiden 2 - as a Mitama


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