Annointed Innovator (TKDK)
Character Information
Voice Actor(s):
Kim Hyang Ri
First Appearance: Toukiden Kiwami
Given name can mean "chief".

Obito (オビト) is a secondary character who appears throughout the single player narrative. He acts as a secondary sub plot narrator before emerging as a Mitama for the protagonist.

Role in GameEdit

Obito is the legendary Annointed Innovator (ムスヒの君, Musuhi no Kimi), a rare prodigy who can harness multiple souls of the dead. He was born with natural golden eyes and used his powers to eradicate demons for humanity. His gifts ostracized him from society so he decided to let himself be whisked away to eastern lands in a spiritual state.

He was content to stay there until Horō awakened him. She invited him to join her in her fight against Izuchikanata, a giant demon from another timeline. Obito agreed because she didn't fear him and they struck it off as friends. Later he befriended Chitose and helped found the "Slayers" organization. When the climatic battle against Izuchikanata commenced, Obito died fighting against it. His powers and Horō's power led to him being trapped within her body. As a ghost, he is unable to make contact with her or any other souls.

One thousand years later, Obito connects with the protagonist. Their innovator powers allows them to periodically converse with one another. Since his soul is linked to Horō's consciousness, he also became amnesic. Obito initially believes he is a Slayer trapped in a dark prison and asks the protagonist to help set him free. During his wait, he converses with other souls to better grasp his situation. Obito learns from Kamo Serizawa that he is dead, being called a lost child in his current state. Denial looses its grip the more he converses with other souls.

Obito's memories return to him once Horō remembers her own past. He elaborates events from his perspective, imploring the protagonist to save his friends and destroy Izuchikanata as soon as possible. Once Horō resolves to not use her powers on Utakata, she inexplicably opens her heart to the protagonist and shares souls with him/her. This act transfers Obito to the protagonist as a Mitama. Making direct contact with the protagonist's soul allows Obito to quickly restore the protagonist's memories to bring him/her back to the present. He/She then joins Horō in the fight against Izuchikanata.


Even in death, Obito is happy to socialize and bores easily by himself. He doesn't dwell too deeply on his powers or his purpose for fighting, content by the act of standing up for the unarmed innocents. If possible, he doesn't want to see any of his friends get hurt.

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