Orandazuma wa Denkiunagi no Yume wo Miruka?
ODYM Cover
Developer(s): Koei
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: November 1984
Genre: Simulation
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: Adult
Platform(s): FM-7, PC-8001, PC-9801

Orandazuma wa Denkiunagi no Yume wo Miruka? (オランダ妻は電気ウナギの夢を見るか?, Translated: Do Dutch Wives Dream of Electric Eel?) is an erotic simulation game made for Koei's adult label, the Strawberry Porno series. The title is an allusion to Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.


Set in Tokyo's red light district, the protagonist is a private investigator employed by the Oranda Corporation to find their missing dutch wife (sex doll) after it gained sentience for unknown reasons. To accomplish this, they must entice numerous women to see which one is the real dutch wife in question. Gameplay is open-ended in that players can end up with different sex partners while finding clues to achieve their main goal.

Stats are randomly rolled and affect how well players are able to seduce women. They are divided into strength, agility, intelligence, constitution, and stamina as well as an innate encounter rate.

Exploration takes place within a grid-based map with fixed urban locations. Visiting indoor establishments like hotels, adult stores, or restaurants will open up new commands to help players impress potential dates or prolong their overall progress. Note that abusing some of these services may cause the protagonist to end up in jail.

Most women need to be courted before they can consider sleeping with the protagonist whereas prostitutes will just ask for money instead. During Fuck Mode, several sex-related commands must be chosen to satisfy female partners; performing poorly results in the irate woman taking a portion of the player's money as compensation.

Enemies include yakuza thugs and policemen who will attack if the player interacts with them or propositions a woman in their presence. Fights are turn-based and provide options for different types of attacks.