Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Okumura
Weapon Type:
Ninja sword
Unit Type: Kunoichi
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Japanese name:
Known as Shōju-in (松寿院) as a nun.

Otsune (お安) is Nagatomi Okumura's wife. Very little is known about her aside that she came from the Katō clan. She helped her husband and the Maeda troops resist Sassa Narimasa at Suemori Castle by providing food and medical aid to injured warriors and arming herself with a naginata to fight beside them during the conflict. She was fabled to have been physically feeble but strong-willed.

Role in GameEdit

Kessen III has Otsune serve as an optional female officer for the Oda forces who appears mid game at Hostilities at Sawayama. She will only join Nobunaga if Toshiie is present and has collected the glowing note on the field. She comes equipped with mattock troops and skills focused on healing and increasing allies' fighting ability.


  • "I cannot bear to watch the innocent hurt anymore. Please allow me to fight with you, to protect the innocent."