Panda (DW7)

Dynasty Warriors 7 render

The Panda is a native mammal in the western parts of China. Despite being a member of the bear family, its diet consists mostly of bamboo, grasses, or tubers. It is also distinguished by its black and white fur which has made it a target for poaching in the past. In China, people believed that these creatures were gifted with mystical powers which repelled evil spirits and calamity. Ancient emperors such as Shi Huangdi were said to have kept them as pets for that very reason. At present, pandas are an endangered species and many steps have been taken to prevent them from going extinct.

Role in GamesEdit

It is a special animal unit introduced late in the Dynasty Warriors series. Making its first appearance in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, the panda is one of the few inhabitants in town that players can interact with. While usually rolling around, it may ask for a particular item and hand out a random material in exchange. Like most of the other townsfolk in the sequel, it can also request players to do special missions while offering various rewards.

These beasts can be purchased as animal guardians for approximately 20,000 currency in the Conquest Mode feature of Dynasty Warriors 7. By watching it play around for a certain amount of time, nearby players can have their health restored. A golden-colored panda can be unlocked in the Japanese version of Xtreme Legends by inputting a password from 100man-nin no Shin Sangoku Musou. Its attacks are imbued with the lightning element and may power up players during co-op. in Dynasty Warriors 8 players must rescue a wild panda from being attacked by a pack of tigers and wolves in Wu's hypothetical battle at Xinye. Once rescued, the panda will be available as an animal guardian. Its golden variation can be unlocked by completing the construction of Tongquetai Palace in Ambition Mode.

It is available as a downloadable mount in Samurai Warriors 4-II.


  • "Kyuun? (I'd love to have that item...)"
  • "Kya, kya! (Thank you! Here, have this!)"
  • "Gaw... (Sob sob...)"