Character Information
Allegiance(s): Donquixote Pirates
December 14th
470 cm (15'5)
Devil Fruit:
Ishi Ishi no Mi
Devil fruit powers
Voice Actors:
Yuji Mitsuya
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Pica is one of the top three officers of the Donquixote pirates in the Spade seat. he first fights Luffy's party in the rampart tower B-1. Using his rock-assimilation abilities, he tries to cave in the heroes. Pica is seemingly sad when Doflamingo is supposedly killed, but it is actually a decoy.

Pica then alters the landscape of Dressrosa so the SMILE Factory is on the surface. He then volunteers to fight the Straw Hats and goes on a gigantic rampage. Zoro then engages the gargantuan stone-assimilated Pica throughout Dressrosa until he was defeated with the Sanzan Sekai.

Role in GamesEdit


Pica is a normally quiet man but his voice is so loud. He is also confident in his Devil Fruit powers able to defeat any enemy in Dressrosa. Pica believes good people are forgotten by history when they die, Despite his large size his voice is very high pitched which he is very sensitive about and flies into a rage when anyone laughs at it even going as far as to murder whoever laughed at him. He's also confident in his armament haki how ever he arrogantly assumed his haki was automatically stronger then zoro's this overconfidence is what led to his downfall.


  • "This battle will be ours! I swear it...!"
  • "I'll turn them all into dust!"
  • "We are the ones who will emerge victorious."
  • "Crush them!"
  • "Who's next?"
  • "You're weak. Too weak."
  • "What an eyesore."
  • "Someone as small as you isn't woth my time."
  • "I've claimed this territory!"
  • "This area belongs to me now."
  • "Good people don't leave their mark on history. And that's because they all end up dead!"
  • "So you've come to die, Law?"
  • "Pikkyarara... Well done."
  • "Just as expected from our king... It appears this is barely a challenge for you."
  • "That's our Dofy! I'll follow your magnificent strength wherever it goes."
  • "I'll turn this battlefield into a hellscape."
  • "I'll show you the terror of the power to control stone!"
  • "I'll crush anyone who tries to stop me."
  • "It doens't matter how sturdy you are. I'll pulverize you with a single blow."
  • "I won't forgive you..."
  • "I'll make you regret getting in my way."
  • "Damn it... Is this it?"

Fighting StyleEdit

In addition to superhuman strength, Pica has the ability to assimilate the Earth to his will.

Attack ListEdit

  • Does a hard punch with either his right or left hand that sends enemies flying.
  • Charlestone: Pica makes a large rock spike sprout up, damaging enemies.
  • Ishiusu: Pica makes domes of rock close in on enemies crushing them.

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