Character Information
Faction: Varies
Unit Type:
Weapon Type: Varies
Hero (right) and Heroine (left) in basic starter gear

The protagonist in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is an avatar the player is required to create at the start of each game. Their goal is to earn fame and glory by winning battles and completing the various assigned tasks given to them. In time, their success enables them to meet other individuals who are involved with the war. This eventually gives way to their path in becoming the first known mercenary general.

Similar to Samurai Warriors Chronicles, these characters are silent mercenaries whose choices and allegiances are determined entirely by the player.

Character CreationEdit

The player can initially choose to alter their protagonist's gender, facial features, and voice. The facial features additionally changes a character's skin tone. Each gender shares a young and mature sounding voice; the final option is either a wild (male) or gentle (female) tone.

Nightmare has altered preset face types for both genders. It adds different hairstyle options, color hair alteration, and length, width, and spacial sliders for facial features (mouth, eyes, ect). Players can change each attribute individually. Sliders for the width and size for the character's body are available. There are three available attitudes for a character's voice.

After a character is made the player can then input their protagonist's name. These features have no extra bonuses included with them and are only present for aesthetic purposes. Nightmare allows players to create multiple edit characters for one playthrough. The player can freely designate which character they want to serve as their protagonist by assigning them the "Hero" label within the tavern menu. One spare edit character can be sent for the Dispatch command.

Though their default weapon is swords and their default unit type are swordsmen, the protagonists are free to use any weapon or unit the player has earned or purchased. The protagonist's equipped weapon will also be used by their entire unit. Armor can customize their appearance. An allegiance with England will have them wear red clothes whereas joining France changes them to blue.

Voice ActorsEdit