Character Information
Allegiance(s): Sindhura
Prince (formerly)
Karikala II (father, deceased)
Gadevi (older half-brother, deceased)
Middle sword
Voice Actor(s):

Rajendra (ラジェンドラ) is a major character in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

Rajendra is introduced as one of two Sindhura princes who competes with his brother for the right to inherit the throne. The princes stage a massive invasion on Pars to prove that one of them is the worthy successor to their dying father. Narsus deems it wise to broaden the divide between the princes and recommends siding with the lesser of the two evils. After the Parsian army proves their might by outwitting and capturing him, Rajendra agrees to an alliance with Arslan. Arslan's forces will help Rajendra win the throne and Rajendra will support Pars for any needed wars.

Arslan keeps true to his promise through gritted teeth, and Rajendra is made the new king of his country. Done with pretenses, Rajendra attempts to backstab Arslan as he and his comrades return to Pars. Narsus expected this and outfoxes the king again. Captured a second time and his pride wounded, the king finally agrees to a non-aggression pact.

Role in GameEdit

In the Free Mode stage "Clash with the Parsian Army", Jaswant aids Rajendra after he has advanced too far ahead.


While he is a competent ruler and warrior, Rajendra spends most of his days as an opportunistic pretender. He morphs his current disposition to whatever suits his selfish needs, be it a friendly smile or joyful obedience. Since he has spent so much time adopting a mask, it's difficult to tell when he is actually sincere, if ever. The sole difference between Rajendra and his brother is that he is willing to cooperate (and manipulate) diplomatically to achieve success.

Rajendra is confident in his wits, so it's always a crushing blow to his self-esteem whenever Narsus outsmarts him. His angry curses towards the strategist is one of his few uncensored sentiments. When Arslan directs his first moment of pure hatred and anger towards him during the divine duel, Rajendra is taken aback and frightened by the boy; Rajendra's humiliation over his brief moment of vulnerability cements his loathing towards Arslan.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Rajendra uses the Middle Sword style, but has a unique special move. He points his sword out, then does two hard diagonal slashes making a fiery X, then pieces his sword out with enough force to knock enemies away.


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