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Richard Beauchamp
Character Information
Faction: English
Unit Type:
Heavy clubs
Weapon Type: War hammer
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Cherbourg
Request Mission(s):
The Heirloom Brooch
Voice Actors:
Historical Information
Real Name:
Richard de Beauchamp
July 17, 1382
April 30, 1439
Also known as 13th Earl of Warwick.

Richard Beauchamp (リチャード・ビーチャム) is an English nobleman and general who served three generations of English royalty. He subdued revolts for Henry IV, served in many campaigns under Henry V, and tutored Henry VI. His actions for the royal crown were largely responsible for renewing their wars with France.

Role in Game[]

Richard is introduced as a mercenary in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War who is always working alongside Hal.

Bladestorm: Nightmare[]

Bladestorm: Nightmare has him appear in Île-de-France as one of the player's enemies. If Hal encounters him during the battle, Richard will be appalled enough to attack the warrior three times. Once the misunderstanding has been cleared up, he and the other English officers willingly join the player's quest to eliminate the monster army ravaging the land.

In Champagne, Richard volunteers to assist Hal's assault on the monsters to protect their escaping allies. The onslaught proves too much for them, though the vassal proudly expresses his lord's newfound altruism before dying. If recruited by the player beforehand, he is able to avoid this fate by heeding Hal's plea not to join him and instead live on his memory.

Character Information[]


He is gentle-hearted man who calmly obeys Hal's commands despite the latter's tendency to act recklessly.


  • "Very well, then. Let us face one another in combat."
  • "Courage without ability is but stupidity in disguise."
  • "Thank you indeed for your assistance."
  • "A most encouraging display of prowess!"
  • "We shall fight together... and we shall triumph!"
  • "Insolent fools. Away with ye."
  • "So this is what defeat feels like."
  • "Begone! For I shall show ye no mercy!"
  • "This bastion is ours."
  • "Annihilate this foolhardy enemy!"
  • "We stand firm and fight for the glory of England!"

  • "I thank you... for finding my brooch for me."
"Not at all. If there be anything else I may do for you, do not hesitate to ask. This is the first time I have thought that my fighting abilities have been used for good."
~~Girl and Richard Beauchamp

Historical Information[]