Character Information
Allegiance(s): Raoh
Martial Art: Taizan Tenrōken
190 cm (6'3")
105 kg (231 lbs)
(Bust - Waist - Hips):
130cm - 92cm - 106cm
(51" - 36" - 42")
Voice Actor(s):
Roger Craig Smith (EN)
Takeshi Mori (JP)
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
Playable in the second title

Ryuga (リュウガ) is Yuria's older biological brother and Juza's older half brother. He is born under the Sirius Star, which is considered the "lone wolf" of the heavens with its bright shine. As "the Star of the Lone Celestial Wolf", his destiny is to guide the successor of Hokuto Shinken in times of chaos.

To test Kenshiro's worthiness as the "messiah of the end of the century", Ryuga allies himself with Raoh and becomes one of his lieutenants. He wishes to stabilize the turbulent new age they live in, but Ryuga is also keen to see if Kenshiro can reach his full potential. Committing several horrendous acts, including an assault on the heavily ailed Toki, his actions ignites the younger brother's anger in a final confrontation.

To Kenshiro's surprise, Ryuga accepts his punishment with little resistance as he had intentionally hurt himself before their fight. He reveals his true duty is to guide and test who was actually worthy to lead the new age: Kenshiro or Raoh. Accessing that the kinder younger brother is more worthy, he gladly expresses his belief in Yuria's assessment before dying from his wounds. Toki's spirit lifts his body after his death and they both become stars in the heavens.

Dream ModeEdit


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Keys Square Fast Attack • Tri Strong AttackCircle Signature Move • X Jump


  • Tenro Toga Ken - Ryuga first jumps with a slashing uppercut then comes down with a downward slash while twirling.
  • Tenro Senga Sho - Ryuga does a machine slash attack to the target then does an upward slash.
  • Tenro Koretsu Dan - Ryuga dives forward with a wave of energy cutting anyone in the path.
  • Korou Shoten Geki - Ryuga dashes forward with his elbows out. If he reaches an opponent, Ryuga impales the opponent on his righht arm, then tosses him/her in the opposite direction.
  • Tenro Kaiten Geki - Ryuga jumps up briefly then slices the ground around him creating a vaccuum around him that will cut up his foes.

Fighting StyleEdit

Taizan Tenrōken (泰山天狼拳 "Tai Mountain Heavenly Wolf Fist") severs flesh from its victims with fast, slicing attacks, severing their nerves so quickly that it inflicts a cold sensation before they die. Ryuga makes several wolf-like poses while performing his attacks. Unlike most of the martial artists in the series, Ryuga's fighting style belongs to neither the Hokuto or Nanto disciplines. One of Ryuga's signature techniques is Tenrō Tōga Ken (天狼凍牙拳 "Heavenly Wolf Freezing Fang Fist").

Ryuga is quick and attacks with wide swooping motions. Lacking any long ranged attacks, players should learn his moveset's preset trajectories to make the best of his attacks.


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