Samurai Warriors 2
Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date:
PlayStation 2 Version
Flag of Japan: February 24, 2006
Flag of the United States.svg/Flag of Canada: September 19, 2006
European flag: September 22, 2006
Flag of Australia: September 28, 2006

Xbox 360 Version

Flag of Japan: August 17, 2006
Flag of the United States.svg/Flag of Canada: September 19, 2006
European flag: September 22, 2006
Flag of Australia: September 28, 2006

PC Version

Flag of Japan: July 11, 2008
Flag of the United States.svg/Flag of Canada: June 27, 2008
European flag: June 27, 2008

PlayStation 3 Version

Flag of Japan: October 24, 2013

PlayStation Vita Version

Flag of Japan: October 24, 2013 (download only)
Genre: Hack and Slash
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: CERO: CERO B Rating
ESRB: Rating US-Teen
PEGI: PEGI 12 Rating
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC

Samurai Warriors 2 (戦国無双2, Sengoku Musou 2) is the sequel to Samurai Warriors. The focus of this title goes beyond Nobunaga's reign and introduces Sekigahara. To contrast the darker colors planned for the original, the visual planner for this game wanted to make "a gold image" for the setting and characters.

Most of the background tracks exclusive to this game were composed by Minoru Mukaiya.


Samurai Warriors 2's gameplay builds on the concepts from the first game by removing the "pose" attacks from the returning characters' movesets and adding two new unique special abilities (AKA "Unique Arts" in the Japanese script) that can be triggered by pressing R1 to enter a stance (that acts akin to the strafting style of guarding, and can also cancel into a dodge/roll), then pressing either Square or Tri. From there, a number of other Warriors titles onwards make use of the R1 command as a form of unique skill for the respective character.

Each character is categorized into one of the following moveset types:

  • Charge - This is a style that relies on Tri attacks, with 3 inputs total for each charge attack finisher with 8 total inputs for the normal attack chain. This is the moveset closest to the original title.
  • Normal - Square intensive moveset up to 12 inputs for the normal attack chain, and is given single-input charge attacks from C1 to C8.
  • Special - A mix of both styles; moveset is structurally close to the Charge type, but the character has a balanced reliance on Square and Tri attacks (8 inputs total for the former chain, 2 inputs total for the latter). R1 Special Skills of this type have three levels per extra input with varying effects.

A new option for players is buying essentials from the shop with gold earned through battle. It allows players to purchase horses, bodyguards, and skills.

Discarding the branching storylines from the first title, Samurai Warriors 2 introduces "Dream Stages", which are proverbial "what if" situations that can be unlocked after completing a character's story. This means that failing or succeeding battle objectives no longer alter the characters' story. However, they continue to award players for fulfilling them and keep ally morale high.

The Create-A-Warrior, Versus Modes, and Challenge Modes do not return in this installment. The dual language option, the ability to ride various vehicles, and the archery option were also removed.

Several other in-game mechanics have also been notably tweaked, with the combo system being one example from the rest of the Warriors games onwards (combo count can now be applied to any other targets hit in succession as opposed to chaining attacks on the same target, and by that proxy, combos do not drop on the same target even if they recover from getting hit somehow). Other changes involve new enemy peon behavior and several new hit-effect physics.

As of this game, enemy HP bars can only be toggled on and off in the options like in a few set games, though normal enemy peons will no longer have their HP displayed on the top-left corner of the screen when struck/damaged by the player. Instead, this applies to enemy generals only.

Also new to this game and future Warriors games is a leveling system up to Lv. 50 max different from the prior installment; experience points can be earned through defeating enemies and collecting dropped EXP scrolls as battlefield items, allowing characters to level up for more apparent increases in stats. Leveling up at certain intervals also grants characters new moves as opposed to being determined by their current weapon used, and bonus EXP total is always granted at the end of a completed stage in correlation to the player's performance.

In accordance to the above change, character stats are now solely increased through leveling up and through the new aforementioned skills system; as a result, permanent-stat-boosting battlefield items are removed from this game onwards in the franchise.

Other new mechanics involve new weapon customization, critical hits (blue spark indicators from connected attacks that are calcuated as a x1.4 damage increase), varying levels of hitstun/flinching (where there also exist attacks that inflict massively slowed-down hitstun), and so forth.


Story ModeEdit

Same as the previous title with the exceptions listed above. Players begin with Yukimura, Mitsuhide, Oichi, leyasu, Mitsunari, Ginchiyo and Kotaro initially available. If the player starts the game with a Samurai Warriors save, Hanzo and Kenshin can be played from the start. Having a Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends memory also allows Tadakatsu to be initially playable.

Free ModeEdit

Limited to fighting as certain factions on each stage. Players have no access to unique character stages or the dream stage scenarios.


Survival Mode from the original Samurai Warriors returns in this mode but offers four random missions to choose from, some you must pay, some you do not. To unlock Ranmaru, certain missions must be accepted and completed in this mode.


A mini-game which allows four players to participate with a character. The goal is to collect the requested amount of gold chosen by the player's predetermined settings. At the beginning of the game, three flags for each player will be divided in the map, and players earn gold and raise their ranks by collecting their respective flags and returning to their home base. Players can buy territories on the map or challenge other players for the control of a territory. Within the game, there are six different challenges:

  • Annihilate - Players defeat as many enemies as possible.
  • Chase - Players defeat as many fleeing Fire Ninja as possible.
  • Destroy - Players destroy as many boulders as possible.
  • Race - Players break through the castle doors and reach the end before the opponent does.
  • Reveal - Players uncover as many Sky Ninjas as possible.
  • Steal - Players collect as much gold as possible.

Winning one playthrough in this mode is needed to unlock Okuni.


Yoshimoto Imagawa, Goemon Ishikawa, and Kunoichi do not return.



Unique NPCsEdit

Free Mode StagesEdit


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
SW2 Trophy True Samurai Warriors Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
SW2 Trophy 2 Curtain Call Clear every character's Musou Mode. Gold
SW2 Trophy 3 Weapon Collector Collect every unique weapon. Gold
SW2 Trophy 4 Master of Skills Maximize every skill available. Gold
SW2 Trophy 5 Brilliant Performance Steal 100 skills from enemy officers. Silver
SW2 Trophy 6 The Path of Asura Clear a scenario under Expert difficulty. Silver
SW2 Trophy 7 Combo Demon God Perform a chain of 300 hits. Silver
SW2 Trophy 8 Those Who Travel Clear 100 floors in Survival Mode. Silver
SW2 Trophy 9 Gem Hoarder Collect 500 gems. Silver
SW2 Trophy 10 A Myriad Blades Collect 10 unique weapons. Silver
SW2 Trophy 11 Millionaire Reach 1st place in Sugoroku Mode. Silver
SW2 Trophy 12 Blade Fanatic Collect all 10 precious swords in Mercenary Mode. Silver
SW2 Trophy 13 All-Knowing Martial Artist Learn every skill available. Silver
SW2 Trophy 14 Valued Customer Spend more than 1,000,000 gold at the shop. Silver
SW2 Trophy 15 Combo Demon Perform a chain of 100 hits. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 16 The Rewards of Strategy Achieve an "S" rank for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 17 Epitome of Wealth Accumulate over 1,000,000 gold. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 18 Fine Performance Steal 10 skills from enemy officers. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 19 Instrumental Melody Unlock every background music available. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 20 Heir of Secret Skills Learn every secret skill available. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 21 Flowers in Bloom Unlock every character available. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 22 The Fastest Known Horse Obtain Matsukaze. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 23 Way of the Samurai Clear a character's story in Musou Mode for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 24 Specialist's Excitement Obtain an original unique weapon for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 25 Trip to Honshū Complete both maps (Honshū and Mainland Japan) in Sugoroku Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 26 Best Bodyguard Maximize a bodyguard's rank level. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 27 Greatest Expert Maximize a character's class level. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 28 Survivor of the Times Clear Mercenary Mode for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 29 Seeker Clear 10 floors in Survival Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 30 Samurai Glory Play up to more than 50 hours. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 31 Samurai Enjoyment Play up to more than 30 hours. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 32 Samurai Proficiency Play up to more than 10 hours. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 33 Our Hero is Here Use True Musou Ougi to defeat an enemy commander in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 34 My Awakened Secret Art Use Musou Hiougi to defeat an enemy commander in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 35 The Beginning of Court Service Serve under a lord for the first time in Mercenary Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 36 Gathering of Guards Obtain every bodyguard available. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 37 Artisan's Excitement Obtain an alternate unique weapon for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 38 Glimmering Blade Collect a precious sword for the first time in Mercenary Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 39 Ten Different Warriors Clear 10 stories in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 40 Approaching Travelers Clear 50 floors in Survival Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 41 Mainland Journey Complete the map of Mainland Japan in Sugoroku Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 42 Twenty Great Warriors Clear 20 stories in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 43 The Beginning of Chaos Clear one scenario in Musou Mode for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 44 General Worth a Thousand Defeat 1,000 enemies in battle. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 45 First-Time Customer Visit the shop for the first time. Bronze
SW2 Trophy 46 This is My Technique Use Musou Ougi to defeat an enemy commander in Musou Mode. Bronze

Icon Name Unlock Method Xbox Points
SW2 Achievement 1 Keiji Maeda Unlocked Unlock Keiji for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 2 Nobunaga Oda Unlocked Unlock Nobunaga for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 3 Kenshin Uesugi Unlocked Unlock Kenshin for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 4 Okuni Unlocked Unlock Okuni for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 5 Magoichi Saika Unlocked Unlock Magoichi for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 6 Shingen Takeda Unlocked Unlock Shingen for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 7 Masamune Date Unlocked Unlock Masamune for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 8 Nō Unlocked Unlock Nō for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 9 Hanzō Hattori Unlocked Unlock Hanzō for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 10 Ranmaru Mori Unlocked Unlock Ranmaru for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 11 Hideyoshi Toyotomi Unlocked Unlock Hideyoshi for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 12 Tadakatsu Honda Unlocked Unlock Tadakatsu for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 13 Ina Unlocked Unlock Ina for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 14 Nagamasa Azai Unlocked Unlock Nagamasa for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 15 Sakon Shima Unlocked Unlock Sakon for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 16 Yoshihiro Shimazu Unlocked Unlock Yoshihiro for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 17 Kanetsugu Naoe Unlocked Unlock Kanetsugu for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 18 Nene Unlocked Unlock Nene for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 19 Musashi Miyamoto Unlocked Unlock Musashi for play. 50
SW2 Achievement 20 Kojirō Hired Hire Kojirō as a bodyguard. 25
SW2 Achievement 21 Katsuie Hired Hire Katsuie as a bodyguard. 25

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Nene transformation glitches
While playing as Nene, a few funny glitches can occur when she uses her R1 transformation skill. Play as Nene and have her transform into Hanzō or Kotarō. Then perform a double jump. She will infinitely "fly" upwards until the players perform a jumping charge attack. When she's transformed into Nagamasa and performs his dashing attack, there is also the slight chance the transformation will cease to exist. The timing is a bit difficult but players can also transform into a dying CPU Nene. When this occurs, there is a chance that the game over music will play and basically cause the players to "die" with her. Should Nene die while transformed, the player will be able to play in the stage for an infinite amount of time but unable to attack enemies or exit the stage unless they restart their console.
Odawara Castle mission glitch
When Kotarō issues the "defeat 100 soldiers" challenge on the Eastern side of the stage, there is a slight chance that the game will fail to count when the players reach the goal. They'll be unable to finish the mission, but there is no real penalty since the gates still open when the mission's time limit ends.
Honnōji glitch
While playing as Ranmaru during the Oda forces version of Honnōji, there is a chance the game will say that the mission to rescue Nobunaga has failed. Even if the player has safely rescued him and ended the stage victorious, it will count as a defeat for the player.



Related MediaEdit

Before it was out in Japan, this game as well as its predecessor were among the focuses for the eight volume fanbook publication, Musou Fan Field. It combined information for these games with Dynasty Warriors 5. It included exclusive illustrations, sneak peaks to new features in the games and their expansions, dream match novelizations or coverage between two factions, and a showcase of letters and fans from both franchises. Voice actor commentary, several comics, and other editorials answering questions to fans were also included.

Aside from the guide books, developer commentary and character illustration book, scenario book, and a character encyclopedia, Koei officially funded the following publications for this game:

  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 1 - collection of four panel parody comics created and illustrated by fans. ISBN: 4-7758-0444-8
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 2 - ISBN: 4-7758-0455-3
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 3 - ISBN: 4-7758-0456-1
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 4 - ISBN: 4-7758-0474-X
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 5 - ISBN: 4-7758-0498-7
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 6 - ISBN: 978-4-7758-0565-7
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 ~ Samurai Survivor Vol. 7 - ISBN: 978-4-7758-0584-8


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