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Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends (戦国無双2 猛将伝, Sengoku Musou 2: Moushouden) is the Xtreme Legends expansion for Samurai Warriors 2. It features new Story Modes, new stages, and a new charge attack for each character (usually dubbed by players as C5 or C9).


  • Characters can now level up to 70 rather than the previous 50; the bodyguards' maximum level is now 30.
  • Some voice actors were changed for the new recorded lines.
  • Alternate colors are added for each character though most of these previously appeared in Empires. New characters also have alternate victory pose animations and quotes during their story modes.
  • The game also introduced an Orb system, which allows weapon customization.
  • Personal skills can now be purchased from the shop and can be individually collected for each character.
  • Like most other Xtreme Legends titles, a fifth weapon can also be obtained. The base attack power is the same as the fourth weapons.
  • For better or worse, the "Demon" element now does damage based on set percentages of the enemy's life bar. If an enemy's life bar is long and full, their life will drain quickly. On the other hand, elemental damage becomes extremely weak when they hit lower life.
  • Several Level 3 Musou Attack effects have been modified. For example, the shockwaves in Nagamasa's Level 3 Musou Attack now pin opponents in their places rather than knocking them back.


Choosing to Import info from the Samurai Warriors 2 disk allows all characters to be available for Story Mode and unlocks the title's previous Modes.

Mercenary Mode[]

An endless mission driven mode made exclusively for the expansion. The player can choose any character as their main hero. Using this hero, they can perform odd jobs for various daimyo, the shogun, villagers, and various other NPC characters. Many players consider this the fastest way to gain levels, earn money, learn skills, and obtain Orbs. Difficulty will gradually increase as the player progresses, meaning that opponents will also get tougher. This mode is one of the best way to grind orbs and gold.

If the player stays loyal to a particular lord, they can choose to serve them and help them unite the land. The other ending requires the player to collect ten precious swords from the missions they do.

Each officer has a special skill he/she can use. Players can learn up to 4 Mercenary skills, depending on the personal level.

  • Acceleration - movement speed is maximized
  • Adulation - Receive one extra gem for every 50 enemy defeated
  • Amnesia - Cancels effect of battlefield rules
  • Antidote - Nullifies enemy poison attacks
  • Bounty - Luck is maximized
  • Charisma - Receive extra gems upon mission completion
  • Extinguish - Nullifies enemy fire attack
  • Healing - Recovery items appear more frequently
  • Inspiration - Upon order unit defense strength increase
  • Leadership - Upon order unit strength increase
  • Lockpick - Unlock prison/garrison doors
  • Marksman - Increase power of musketmen
  • Momentum - Attack strength increase after storming enemy
  • Musou Wall - Press select with full musou to create a barrier
  • Poise - Nullifies enemy stun and blowback attacks
  • Rage - Attack strength increase when life is low
  • Reload - Shorten musket loading time
  • Resilience - Life gauge refills over time
  • Sandbag - disable enemy quagmires
  • Stimulus - Upon order musou gauge stays full for a period of time
  • Stonewall - Damage received reduced
  • Stun - Stun enemies with spear barrier
  • Tenacity - Defense strength increase when life is low
  • Thrust - Increase strength of spear barrier
  • Willpower - Musou gauge refills over time


All characters from the original game return with six new additions.



Icon Name Unlock Method Xbox Points
SW2XL Achievement 1.png Story Mode: Clear Toshiie Clear Toshiie's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 2.png Story Mode: Clear Motochika Clear Motochika's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 3.png Story Mode: Clear Gracia Clear Gracia's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 4.png Story Mode: Clear Yoshimoto Clear Yoshimoto's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 5.png Story Mode: Clear Kojirō Clear Kojirō's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 6.png Story Mode: Clear Katsuie Clear Katsuie's Story Mode. 30
SW2XL Achievement 7.png Mercenary Mode: Unification Win a Unification Battle in Mercenary Mode. 35
SW2XL Achievement 8.png Mercenary Mode: Greatest Become the greatest in the land in Mercenary Mode. 35


Image songs
Kokou no Akashi by Rin
Tenka Musou no Ookabuki, Kinkika ~Shinen~ by Satoshi
Aogite Ten ni Hajizu, Appare!, Meikyou Shisui ~Mononofu ga Michi~, Seimei no Taka, Ai to Gi no Arashi!, Sagiri no Kanata, Samurai Damashii ~KIZUNA~
Image songs
Hideyoshi, Arijyarou Uta (ka) by Kenta Harada and Project Rin (main theme song)
Kokou no Akashi by Rin
Tenka Musou no Ookabuki, Kinkika ~Shinen~ by Satoshi

Related Media[]

Aside from the guide books, Koei officially funded the following publications for this game:

  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 Moushouden ~ Samurai Soul Vol. 1 - collection of four panel parody comics created and illustrated by fans. ISBN: 978-4-7758-0624-1
  • Comic Sengoku Musou 2 Moushouden ~ Samurai Soul Vol. 2 - ISBN: 978-4-7758-0625-8

Free samples of these books -as well as the previously mentioned fan publications for this series- can be seen here.

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