Similar to its predecessor, Samurai Warriors 4 enables players to affix their weapons with a variety of skills. These are divided into four different categories based on their effects and usage. A single weapon can only carry a maximum of eight skills at a time. By collecting skill gems from defeated officers or disassembled weapons, players can use them to strengthen their arsenal or purchase more skills at the shop.

Rare skills are inaccessible unless a rare skill gem is used to unlock them.

* means it is a rare skill.

Red SkillsEdit

Visually symbolized by red colored gems, these skills amplify damage output and enhance other offensive capabilities.

Name Japanese Description
Potency 猛攻 Increase your weapon's power.
Courage 勇猛 Increases damage against enemy officers.
Fury 神撃 Increase Musou attack strength.
Impact 波撃 Increase the power of shots and shockwaves.
Range 風撃 Increase attack range.
Underdog 破天 Increase damage dealt to enemies knocked in the air.
Momentum 迅閃 Increase the strength of Hyper Attacks, preventing officers from brushing them aside.
Verity * 真髄 Increase attack strength during Rage mode.
Concentration * 怒髪 Gradually fill the Musou Gauge by attacking.
Clarity * 明鏡 Increase the duration of Rage mode.

Green SkillsEdit

These skills offer useful effects for defensive purposes and are represented by green colored gems.

Name Japanese Description
Fortitude 堅守 Increase your defense.
Stability 不動 Maintain balance when hit by an enemy.
Nullification 滅流 Decrease damage taken from enemies' elemental attacks.
Elasticity 波断 Decrease damage taken from enemies' shots and shockwaves.
Bravery 堅忍 Decrease damage taken from enemy officers.
Resolve 不抜 Gradually fill the Spirit Gauge when Health is very low.
Determination 背水 Increase Attack strength and Defense when Health is very low.
Zeal * 闘志 Increase the amount of Musou gained when taking damage.
Conviction * 闘魂 Gradually fill the Spirit Gauge when taking damage.
Resurrection * 再臨 When defeated, recover one time with a limited amount of Health.

Blue SkillsEdit

Skills symbolized by blue colored gems provide elemental attributes that may hinder enemies or support the wielder.

Name Japanese Description
Blaze 紅蓮 Flames accompany your attacks and inflict continuous damage.
Shock 閃光 Lightning accompanies your attacks and inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Frost 凍牙 Ice accompanies your attacks and stops the enemies' movements.
Gale 烈空 Wind accompanies your attacks and inflicts unblockable additional damage.
Tremor 金剛 Rocks accompany your attacks and knock out enemies and inflict additional damage.
Alacrity 俊敏 Increase your speed.
Rampage 破竹 Restore some Health after every 100 K.O.s.
Reaper * 修羅 Generic soldiers are defeated with a single blow, and additional damage is inflicted upon officers.
Impulse * 快進 Restore some Musou after every 100 K.O.s.
Awakening * 覚醒 Gradually fill the Musou Gauge while the Spirit Gauge is full.

Yellow SkillsEdit

Supportive skills that refine the wielder's other stats, they are visually represented by yellow colored gems.

Name Japanese Description
Cavalry 騎戦 Power up the moves you can execute while mounted.
Equestrian 練騎 Increase your horseback riding skills.
Constitution 薬活 Increase the amount the Health Gauge refills by.
Connoisseur 目利 Acquire powerful weapons more easily.
Hoarder 真眼 Acquire items more easily.
Collector 収集 Acquire gems more easily.
Expert 百錬 Improve Proficiency development, and increase damage inflicted by advantageous attacks.
Paladin * 騎神 Gradually fill the Spirit Gauge while mounted.
Endurance * 霊験 Increase the effective duration of items.
Stimulus * 克己 Increase abilities beyond their limits when increasing in level, and provide a temporary super ability boost.

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