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Samurai Warriors 4: Empires (戦国無双4 Empires, Sengoku Musou 4 Empires) is the third Samurai Warriors Empires title. Samurai Warriors 4-II serves as the game's base for featured characters, action, and visuals.

Hisashi Koinuma is general producer while Osamu Mieda is producer. The overall concept is to present "the ultimate Warriors conquest simulator". In a response to fan feedback, this game will reuse qualities from the first Empires title. Developers from the Nobunaga's Ambition series have worked on the simulation parts of this game. No new playable characters are appearing, but the number of character events are heightened throughout the game.

Buy the game new to receive serial codes for a residential design, a scenario and a special outfit for Takakage. The Premium Box edition includes illustration cards of the entire cast. The Gamecity Set adds a lacquer box to store the illustration cards and a book introducing events to the bundle.


  • Simulation aspects have been revamped. Neglecting domestic affairs will make battles harder for the player. The player's headquarters updates based on the national strengths of their forces.
  • Geographical and structure advantages remain for castles. This game expands the concept to grant a specific merit based on the region in Japan a location is built.
  • A new feature is "Residential Administration" which offers a view into the characters' domestic activities. Players can assign up to two characters to be magistrates for a specific trait, such as development or military. Every character has varying compatibility ratings for each aspect that affects their performance.
  • Magistrates may recommend a specific proposal for various benefits. Choosing to accept or ignore may affect their loyalty rating which fluctuates each turn. The main playable cast have unique proposals.
  • Loyalty affects the number of characters that can be sent to battle. Up to eight characters can be dispatched.
  • Personal battle policies and formations for characters returns. Conquered bases affect morale again.
  • In-battle historical events can occur if certain conditions are met prior to the conflict. Special dialogue will play if the related parties clash during the stage.
  • During battle, a random enemy general may repeatedly single out a character on the player's side. These enemies will become that character's "nemesis". If the player completes nemesis missions, a special exchange will occur between the two characters.
  • Banners can be earned by defeating specific characters in battle. They decorate a castle residence and grant secondary benefits when used.
  • Over 200 male and female generic officers are included. Male figures highlight famous events, and female figures accommodate domestic affairs. Two known figures are Chacha and Matsu. They will be constructed with edit character parts.
  • Marriage events are present. Character exchanges will vary on whether their partner is historically accurate, fictional, or an edit character. Married couples have unique battle quotes with one another.
  • Hot spring events return and are expanded.

Samurai Warriors 4 and Samurai Warriors 4-II save data grants Sanada and Ii banners respectively. Players can transfer their edit characters from either game, but their characters' previously earned progress will not carry over into Empires due to the altered character growth and stats in this game.


Empire Mode[]

Main mode. Individual character driven historical scenarios have been dropped. The free-flowing scenario system returns. Join a faction and complete objectives in the following scenarios:

  1. Battle of Kawanakajima
  2. Battle of Okehazama
  3. Battle of Nagashino
  4. Incident at Honnōji
  5. Conquest of Odawara
  6. Battle of Sekigahara

Before starting a scenario, players can select the general difficulty setting for stages. Edit characters, female characters and character deaths can be switched on or off. Characters are inclined to become available based on the historical year of their coming-of-age ceremony.

Each force has certain objectives within each scenario. If the player fulfills them and successfully views their faction's ending, additional scenarios will be unlocked.

Creative Mode[]

Allows player to create their own scenario.

Create a Character[]

Make or swap edit characters.

Treasure House[]

Gallery mode. Players can swap their preferred character into an earned event. Includes character biographies and music gallery.


Adjustments for sound and visuals. Save data management can be done here.


Downloadable content. Known content so far includes costumes, residence skins, edit parts and weapon skins.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
SW4E Trophy.png Unrivaled Warrior Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
SW4E Trophy 2.png Sengoku Champion Clear all scenarios in Empires Mode. Gold
SW4E Trophy 3.png Travel Through the Stars Unlock all characters in the gallery. Gold
SW4E Trophy 4.png In Full Bloom Have all Four Guardian officers be female. Silver
SW4E Trophy 5.png Woven History Collect 100% of all events. Silver
SW4E Trophy 6.png Contruction Artisan Rebuild all of the daimyo’s castles. Silver
SW4E Trophy 7.png Banner Shogun Collect all banners. Silver
SW4E Trophy 8.png Castle of Women Have all female magistrates. Silver
SW4E Trophy 9.png Unrivaled Commander Collect all formations. Silver
SW4E Trophy 10.png Unrivaled Tactician Collect all battle policies. Silver
SW4E Trophy 11.png Unifier Unify Japan for the first time in Empires Mode. Silver
SW4E Trophy 12.png Calling on the Four Heavenly Kings Appoint Four Guardian officers. Silver
SW4E Trophy 13.png Human Moat Clear Empires mode with 100 officers recruited. Silver
SW4E Trophy 14.png Attack of the Dragon and Tiger Establish a rivalry. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 15.png Novice Commander Obtain a formation for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 16.png Novice Tactician Obtain a battle policy for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 17.png Impregnable Maximize the defense level of one region. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 18.png Kantō Unified Unify the Kantō region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 19.png Fierce Musou Perform a 1,000 combo chain. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 20.png Kinki Unified Unify the Kinki region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 21.png Someone to Rely On Establish a friendship. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 22.png Castle Residence Rebuild the daimyo's castle for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 23.png Superb Tactics Chain capture a base. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 24.png Warm Bond Establish a sworn friendship. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 25.png Creating History Create a scenario in Genesis Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 26.png Tōhoku Unified Unify the Tōhoku region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 27.png Banner Daimyo Obtain 50 banners. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 28.png Banner Soldier Obtain a banner for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 29.png Ruler of the New Era Clear Genesis Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 30.png Birth of a New Star Create a new officer. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 31.png Female Genius Appoint a female strategist. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 32.png Mercy Means Friendship Clear a scenario without executing anyone. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 33.png Lucrative Edge Obtain 50% of all events. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 34.png Vassal Establish a retainer bond. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 35.png Snugglers Establish a marriage. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 36.png Merciless Victor Win a battle after capturing every base. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 37.png Great Step Forward Conquer a province for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 38.png Merchant Samurai Maximize the commerce level of one region. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 39.png Shikoku Unified Unify the Shikoku region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 40.png Successor Establish a student-teacher bond. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 41.png Getting in Touch Obtain 25% of all events. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 42.png Hokuriku Unified Unify the Hokuriku region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 43.png Beginning Step Capture a base for the first time. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 44.png Character-Building Studies Establish a worthy rivalry. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 45.png Human Wall Clear Empires mode with 50 officers recruited. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 46.png Human Castle Clear Empires mode with 20 officers recruited. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 47.png Rich Bounty Maximize the harvest yield of one region. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 48.png Kyūshū Unified Unify the Kyūshū region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 49.png Chūbu Unified Unify the Chūbu region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 50.png Chūgoku Unified Unify the Chūgoku region in Empires Mode. Bronze
SW4E Trophy 51.png One Against Thousands Get 1,000 kills in one battle. Bronze


Related Media[]

The TBi Group is hosting a collaboration menu at ZIN ~Ueno Outlet~ starting August 8. Attendees can receive limited edition character cards and badges with their purchase. Another Namja Town collaboration for its Namja Satellite shall be hosted September 3~November 3; it reprises merchandise from the previous event.

The Kichijoji Sweets Paradise is hosting a collaboration menu starting December 9, 2015 and ending January 31, 2016. Circle K outlets shall have collaboration merchandise for sale until January 4, 2016.

Players can change the look of their castle with wallpapers provided by Leopalace 21. Three people who sign up for Leopalace 21's Room Customize service can receive Samurai Warriors themed wallpapers for their living quarters.

Mieda shall appear as a special guest on the September 3 episode of Denjin☆Gacha!. A special live broadcast shall take place September 8, 20:00 (JST). He is scheduled for another demonstration in Famitsu's Tokaigi TV on September 23, 21:00 (JST). This is one of the titles presented with a playable demo at Koei-Tecmo's 2015 Tokyo Game Show booth and was on stage September 18 (JST). The game's guidebook can be purchased early at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

Characters from this IP are being used to promote a tourist PR program The Samurai Castle. The program celebrates Japanese castles with ties to the Warring States period.

Butai Sengoku Musou ~Shikoku Ensei no Shou~, the second Samurai Warriors live theatrical adaptation, has been announced for June 29 ~ July 4.

Gamecity Shopping is hosting a Sengoku Musou 4 Goods Matsuri until May 31. Purchase any of the selected items to receive a bonus postcard.


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