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Samurai Warriors 5 (戦国無双5, Sengoku Musou 5) is the fifth main entry in the Samurai Warriors series. Announced on the February 17th Nintendo Direct of 2021, the game is slated for a summer 2021 release. This installment is designed to be a revamp of the Samurai Warriors series, with character designs, visuals, and interactions vastly overhauled from previous incarnations.

The Treasure Box will include a postcard set, a character illustration book, an original soundtrack CD, and a cloth poster. The Ikki Tousen Box includes all the aforementioned bonuses plus a set of mini acrylic stands. The downloadable-exclusive Deluxe Edition provides players with additional in-game items to start with.


As this is a re-imagining of the franchise, character movesets, and gameplay have been changed. Most characters now wield different weapons, even sharing and swapping weapons at will like in Dynasty Warriors 7 and Dynasty Warriors 9. Characters equipped with their preferred weapons will be able to perform combo attacks unique to them. Personal skills and hyper attacks also make a comeback. Musou attacks now have unique finishers with rendered portrait effects.

Downloadable content includes Samurai Warriors costumes for Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, Taiga drama costumes for Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, alternate color palettes for Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Ieyasu, and Nō, as well as 6 scenarios, weapon packs and BGM packs. A season pass will be available.

  • Ultimate Skills is a new mechanic that replaces the special R1 skills of previous entries. Up to four different Ultimate Skills can be assigned to a face button (Square, Triangle, Circle, or X), and are activated by pressing R1 and a face button. These skills include but are not limited to active attacks as well as passive status buffs. Every character has multiple Ultimate Skills that they have access to, though only a maximum of four can be equipped and used in battle. These can be customized/assigned to any R1 input.
    • Each Ultimate Skill has its own gauge. The gauge must be full before the Ultimate Skill can be performed. Using the Ultimate Skill will deplete its gauge, and it can be refilled by attacking enemies.
    • Each Ultimate Skill has a rating that denotes the amount of damage it does.
  • Hyper Attacks make a return in this entry, though they have been reduced to a single string with no inverted Square finishers. Pressing Square during a Hyper Attack sequence will initiate the regular Square string, allowing characters to continue juggling enemies.
  • Aeriel Attacks are a new addition that certain characters have access to. These characters can perform their normal and hyper attack strings while airborne.
  • A camera lock-on mechanic has been introduced. Pressing R3 will lock the camera onto the nearest named enemy.


Story Mode[]

The story mode this time around is heavily inspired by the original title, with Nobunaga and Mitsuhide as the main focus, both each having their own main story route. Other daimyo and perspectives on a conflict will be represented in a side branch of either story route. The story itself ends at Honnōji rather than covering the Toyotomi and Tokugawa reigns like the rest of the series had done. Free Mode is not its own individual mode this time, instead being an option within the story mode after you have completed any given stage.

Citadel Mode[]

The side mode for this game consists of a tower defense like mode. The player chooses two characters to defend a vital base on a small map. The base's health is on the top screen. The player can summon friendly troops to help defend a vital point or launch an ambush on unsuspecting enemies. Winning battles with your chosen characters will unlock extra interactions and bonuses for the castle base in Story Mode.

My Castle[]

My Castle is the stylized menu where characters can be prepared before entering any battle of Story or Citadel Mode. It is accessible once either mode has been selected. Character skills, levels, mounts, weapon mastery, ultimate skills, items, weapon skills, mount skills, and troops can be equipped, purchased, upgraded, or sold depending on the resource and its functions. Completing chapter 1 of the story mode unlocks all of My Castle's features.


Samurai Warriors 5 will feature 39 playable characters, though two of them are the older iterations of Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi.


New Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

These characters, while playable, do not have their own signature moves and Musou art.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
SW5 Trophy.png The Greatest in the Land Obtain all trophies. Platinum
SW5 Trophy 2.png Distinguished General Obtain S-Rank in all Musou Mode battles. Gold
SW5 Trophy 3.png The Great Unifier Claim victory in all Musou Mode battles. Silver
SW5 Trophy 4.png Inseparable Bonds Watch all character events. Silver
SW5 Trophy 5.png The Most Famous Castle in the Land Upgrade all buildings to max level. Silver
SW5 Trophy 6.png Tides of War Obtain the highest rank in all Citadel Mode battles. Silver
SW5 Trophy 7.png Treasure Trove Obtain all rare weapons. Silver
SW5 Trophy 8.png Steed of Legend Obtain the mount Hoshōtsukige. Silver
SW5 Trophy 9.png The Essence of War Achieve 10,000 KOs using Musou Attacks. Silver
SW5 Trophy 10.png Peerless Legend Attain an objective clearance rate (as displayed in the Vault) of 100%. Silver
SW5 Trophy 11.png Seen It All Unlock 100% of events for viewing in the Vault. Silver
SW5 Trophy 12.png The Greatest Musician of Our Time Unlock 100% of background music tracks for listening to in the Vault. Silver
SW5 Trophy 13.png First Blood Clear an objective. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 14.png Auspicious Beginnings Claim victory in a battle. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 15.png Before the Dawn Clear Chapter 1 of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 16.png The Vow Clear Chapter 2 of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 17.png Soaring Clear Chapter 3 of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 18.png In Flux Clear Chapter 4 of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 19.png The Demon Clear Chapter 5 of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 20.png Dawn's First Light Clear all Chapters of Nobunaga's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 21.png Promising Beginnings Clear Chapter 1 of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 22.png The Quest for Truth Clear Chapter 2 of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 23.png The Morning Star Clear Chapter 3 of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 24.png Resolve Clear Chapter 4 of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 25.png A Crescent Moon Clear Chapter 5 of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 26.png Eternal Rain Clear all Chapters of Mitsuhide's Path in Musou Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 27.png The Best Defense Claim victory in a Citadel Mode battle. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 28.png Impregnable Defense Claim victory in all Citadel Mode battles. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 29.png Genius Tactician Summon a unit 100 times in Citadel Mode. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 30.png Little Castle on the Hill Upgrade a building. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 31.png Castle of Great Renown Upgrade one building to max level. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 32.png Getting to Know You Watch a character event. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 33.png Close Ties Watch 20 character events. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 34.png The Greatest Minds of Our Time Unlock all playable characters. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 35.png Consummate Warrior Raise the level of any playable character to max. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 36.png Going Above and Beyond Increase a character's abilities beyond their max level. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 37.png Enlightenment Unlock a character's skill. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 38.png My Word Is My Bond Unlock all of Nobunaga's and Mitsuhide's skills. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 39.png To Each Their Own Unlock every character's ultimate skill. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 40.png Practiced Hand Raise a character's weapon mastery to S-Rank. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 41.png National Treasure Obtain a rare weapon. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 42.png Exceptional Craftsmanship Upgrade a weapon's skills, and obtain an S-Rank weapon. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 43.png To Hell and Back Clear a stage in Musou Mode on "Nightmare" difficulty. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 44.png Great Warrior Achieve 1,000 KOs in a single battle. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 45.png Legendary Warrior Achieve 2,000 KOs in a single battle. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 46.png Merciless Achieve a combo count of 1,000 or more. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 47.png Unstoppable Rampage Achieve a combo count of 10,000 or more. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 48.png Deadly Blade Use an Ultimate Skill 500 times. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 49.png Anger Management Unleash a Musou Frenzy Attack 50 times. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 50.png You Can Never Be Too Prepared Use items 100 times. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 51.png Big Spender Spend more than 300,000 gold. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 52.png Horse Whisperer Conduct Equestrian Drills and Skill Drills with a mount at least 20 times. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 53.png No Sacrifice Too Great Attain a total KO count of 100,000. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 54.png Accomplished Hero Attain an objective clearance rate (as displayed in the Vault) of 50% or higher. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 55.png Unraveling History Unlock 50% of events for viewing in the Vault. Bronze
SW5 Trophy 56.png Music Maestro Unlock 50% of background music tracks for listening to in the Vault. Bronze

Related Media[]

Early information on Samurai Warriors 5 was revealed live on February 25 with Eiji Takemoto as the emcee and Hisashi Koinuma providing myriad details. Three of the game's voice actors appeared in the segment as guests. A second livestream was broadcasted with Ieyasu's new voice actor Ryōta Ōsaka joining Takemoto and Koinuma.

From March 2 to 21, the developers teamed up with Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs in holding a special limited event to promote the game at the Osaka Museum of History. The event featured original goods and merchandise of the characters. Nobunaga Shimazaki appeared in the second-to-last day for a meet and greet with fans.

A tie-up promo with Central Japan Railway Company allows Samurai Warriors and Nobunaga's Ambition fans to participate in a mystery game where they must visit various locations and solve quizzes based on the area's history. The event ends on July 31 with the Nobunaga no Yabou Shinsei quizzes already starting since March 30 and the Samurai Warriors 5 quizzes beginning on April 26. More details can be found on the mystery game's site. Winners may receive minor goods for joining the event.



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