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Battle of Arioka CastleEdit

Nobunaga's vassal, Murashige Araki, has rebelled against his master and stations himself within Arioka Castle. Kanbei is sent in an attempt to mediate with Murashige but is held prisoner against his will. During the subjugation of the castle, Hanbei and Gracia seek to rescue Kanbei from harm's way.

Oda Army vs. Araki Army
Protagonist sides with Oda Army
Difficulty: 10/10

Gracia's RevoltEdit

Mitsuhide, who only wants the best for his daughter, is seeking a proper husband for her. Angered by her father's thoughtless neglect regarding her permission or feelings on the manner, Gracia defies Mitsuhide and her possible suitors with Magoichi's support.

Gracia Army vs. Mitsuhide Army
Protagonist sides with Gracia Army
Difficulty: 9/10

Chaos in the CapitalEdit

The soothing humdrum of the capital is bombarded with unruly bustling and tussling. Okuni, Keiji and Kanetsugu team up to restore peace in the streets.

Okuni Army vs. Imagawa Army
Protagonist sides with Okuni Army
Difficulty: 10/10

Motonari's ChangeEdit

One day, the Tachibana clan heads, Muneshige and Ginchiyo, receive a spontaneous invitation from the thought-to-be-dead Motonari. The letter states Motonari has prepared something entertaining for them and asks that they come prepared for battle. What awaits the them is an interesting quizzing session to test the player's attention to historical facts of the time period.

Mōri Army vs. Assorted Forces
Protagonist sides with Mōri Army
Difficulty: 9/10

War in the West (Western army)Edit

After Honnōji, Hideyoshi has nearly conquered every sector of the land for himself. Now all that remains is Shikoku and the Kyushu islands. Deciding to join forces and resist to the end, Yoshihiro, Motochika and Muneshige stand to defend their home. The battle doubles as a competition for who is truly the greatest in the land: Muneshige of the west or Tadakatsu of the east.

Western Army vs. Eastern Army
Protagonist sides with Western Army
Difficulty: 10/10

Kanto Trio vs. Three UnifiersEdit

Shingen, Kenshin and Ujiyasu have joined forces within Kanto. They desire to simultaneously test their wits against the Three Unifiers: Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu.

Unified Kanto Forces vs. Oda and Tokugawa Army
Protagonist sides with Kanto Trio
Difficulty: 10/10

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