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Samurai Warriors 5 artwork
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Imagawa
Weapon(s): Naginata
Playable Debut: Samurai Warriors 5
Historical Information
Real name:
Japanese name:
September 9, 1579

Sena (瀨名) is the niece of Yoshimoto Imagawa, one of the three feared daimyo of the Tokaido region. She later became the first wife of Ieyasu and mothered both Nobuyasu Matsudaira and Kamehime. She was best known for possibly initiating a conspiracy against Nobunaga for her husband's benefit.

Role in games[]

A proud member of the Imagawa, Sena was first sent to Mikawa to bargain for a potential alliance between her uncle and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Unfortunately, their meeting draws the attention of Mikawa's neighbor, Nobunaga Oda, who disrupts their meeting and enlists the aid of the Tokugawa instead.

In response, Yoshimoto launches a campaign for Mikawa, and Sena would support her uncle as he occupied the province as well as causing Ieyasu to switch sides. The sudden change of sides causes riots to occur within Mikawa, and Yoshimoto sends Sena to aid Ieyasu in quelling his people for the upcoming battle against the Oda. Seeing that Sena had taken a liking to the young lord, Yoshimoto decides to leave her under Ieyasu's care. During the decisive battle at Okehazama, however, her uncle is killed, and, choosing to follow her uncle's decision, she decides to stay with the Tokugawa instead.

As her uncle's death caused irreparable damage to Suruga, Ieyasu consults Sena before he leaves to conquer her clan's domain. While happy for her lord's concern, Sena assures him to not worry of hurting her if it means furthering the Tokugawa clan. To conquer her family's territory, the Tokugawa form an alliance with Shingen Takeda and launch a joint attack against the Imagawa-Hōjō army. Despite Kenshin Uesugi arriving to challenge Shingen once again, the battle ends in a success as the Tokugawa are able to take most of Sena's homeland.

As Nobunaga's ally, Ieyasu and Sena move to stop Shingen Takeda's march at Mikatagahara at the cost of several loyal retainers. When Nobuyasu establishes contact with Katsuyori Takeda, Ieyasu and Sandayū immediately move to kill the renegade noble. Throughout the rebellion, Sena is in complete disbelief that Nobuyasu would act so brazenly and believes that he had been manipulated to do so, but her pleas are rendered null as Nobuyasu is finally killed.

When Sandayū suggests Ieyasu may have to exterminate more of his clansmen or punish himself, a distraught Sena immediately claims responsibility for the conspiracy to prevent further harm to the Tokugawa. Though she is finally defeated by Ieyasu, he is unable to bring himself to kill her. To prevent her husband from being implicated further, Sena takes her own life instead.

While Ieyasu and Hanzō promises to provide the report of Sena and Nobuyasu's rebellion, Hanzō believes this to have been a set up by Sandayū and leaves to find evidence to clear the names of the deceased.

During the hypothetical version of Nobuyasu's betrayal, the Tokugawa forces learn of Nobuyasu's intentions before Nobunaga does, and move to stop him. Thanks to the help of Sandayū, they are able to push Katsuyori away before he can meet Nobuyasu. Once Nobuyasu is defeated, Sena engages against the Tokugawa Army to stall for time for Hanzō. Eventually, Hanzō arrives and reveals that the true instigator for Nobuyasu's plot was actually Sandayū.

Once Sandayū is outed, Sena promptly returns back to the Tokugawa side and helps Ieyasu defeat Sandayū's ninjas before they can cause further damage within Mikawa's retainers. Thanks to this, she appears alongside Ieyasu at the hypothetical Yamazaki to reinforce Nobunaga.

She also shares a personal scenario with her uncle and Motonobu Okabe detailing their perspective of Okehazama and allowing them to defeat the Oda forces instead.


A lady of high pedigree, Sena admires her uncle's strength and wisdom but also shares some of his inflated arrogance. Due to her upbringing, Sena can occasionally be detached from reality and the struggles of the common person, though she does mature after entering the Tokugawa.

She is smitten with Ieyasu's wholeheartedness as a departure from the chaos, but believes him to be too pure for it as well. She eventually wishes to share his burden as well as to shoulder as much pain the chaos may cause for him.

Voice Actors[]

Historical Information[]

Nishiki-e (wood block) painting of Sena

The daughter of Sena Ujihiro, she was adopted by Imagawa Yoshimoto when she was young. In 1557, she married Matsudaira Motoyasu and had two of his children, Nobuyasu and Kamehime.

When Yoshimoto was killed in Okehazama, Motoyasu changed his name to Ieyasu and formed an alliance with Oda Nobunaga in March, 1562. When her father committed suicide by order of Imagawa Ujizane, she went to Sunpu Castle along with Ishikawa Kazumasa to exchange hostages with the Imagawa.

The Imagawa had to deliver the mother and her children, while she returned Udono brothers, Ujinaga and Ujitsugu to the Imagawa. She moved to Okazaki after the exchange and in 1567, Nobuyasu married the daughter of Nobunaga, Tokuhime.

There is a story that she is angry against Oda because her adoptive father, Yoshimoto was killed by them. So she sent a letter to Takeda, hoping for Takeda to get rid of Oda. Takeda received her letter and also certified that she would marry one of Takeda's elite generals. However, when Nobunaga learned about this, she committed suicide at Lake Sanaru in Fuchi county, Tōtōmi Province (which is now part of the city of Hanamatsu).


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