Character Information
Allegiance(s): World Government
May 9th
77 (debut)
79 (after timeskip)
278 cm (9'1")
Devil Fruit:
Human-Human Fruit, Model: Buddha
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Sengoku is the fleet admiral of the Marines and Akainu's predecessor. Through much of the series, Sengoku learns of Luffy's actions from Garp. At Marineford, before beginning Ace's execution, it is Sengoku who reveals that the former's father is Monkey D. Garp. Just then, Whitebeard arrives leading a massive army to try and rescue Ace.

Sengoku then tries to carry out Ace's capital punishment before the schedule but Luffy saves his brother at the last moments. Sengoku then engages in the war using his Buddha powers. After Ace dies at Akainu's hands, Sengoku then fights the Blackbeard Pirates planning to issue his brand of justice. When the war is over, Sengoku retires.

Role in GamesEdit

In the first game, Sengoku sends out Marine officers to fight in his place.

In the fourht game, Sengoku joins the gameplay but as a non-playable character.


Sengoku is a proud, intelligent Marine Admiral. He has zero tolerance for escaped criminals and will have a temper tantrum when failure hits the Marines. His Reigning Justice upholds justice over all things.


  • "Get ready, then attack!"
  • "This is justice!"
  • "Hmph, you are defeated!"
  • "That was not difficult at all..."
  • "I wouldn't be Fleet Admiral if I lost to old dogs like you."
  • "This area is ours now!"
  • "I'll take on all of you! I may be pulling back from the front line, but I'm not done yet!"
  • "Great work! Advance with this strength!"
  • "Seems the battle is in our favor... But don't get too careless!"
  • "Alright, good work. Continue with your duties."
  • "You're as severe a fighter as ever."
  • "Seems like that man is not slacking off today."
  • "That's the level I expect from a Navy Fleet Admiral! Protect the seas with that power."
  • "Well... Looks like your power is going strong since leaving the Navy."
  • "Please stop being so lazy..."
  • "I must admit, I'm reluctant to team up with you, sea-scum."
  • "It seems like there are some capable enemies out there..."
  • "Garp! Your grandson is causing trouble aagain. No more rice crackers for you for a while!"
  • "Silence! You're always munching those things right next to me, making my life even more difficult!"
  • "Nurturing the next generation is also part of my duties. Captain Koby! Capture all the pirates in the general vicinity!"
  • "Good. Next, we'll train you ourselves. Garp, take it away!"
  • "Show me your brand of justice!"
  • "You've improved! Allow me to be your final opponent!"
  • "Well fought. You showed me what justice means to you."
  • "I am known as "Buddha" Sengoku, but I'm not as merciful as that sounds."
  • "I may not be on active duty, but I will have no trouble defeating you."
  • "Aokiji... You left the Navy... now what are you thinking?"
  • "We... we were defeated?!"
  • "I protected the name of justice!"
  • "This victory is worth a lot."

Fighting StyleEdit

Sengoku's Human-Human Fruit, Model: Buddha allows him to change himself into a gargantuan living Buddha, giving him superhuman strength and able to shoot energy blasts.

Attack ListEdit

When fought as an NPC, Sengoku uses his Buddha form.

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