Character Information
Allegiance(s): World Government
March 10th
18 (debut)
20 (after timeskip)
279 cm (9'2")
Color of Arms Haki
Voice Actors:
Kazue Ikura
First Appearance:
Non-playable character

Sentomaru (戦桃丸, せんとうまる) is a marine officer assigned to Marine HQ. He was once the bodyguard of scientist Vegapunk. At the Sabaody Archipelago, he was able to defeat the Straw Hat Pirates with ease using his Color of Arms Haki and Pacifista. He tried to stop the Straw Hat Pirates from reuniting two years after only to fail.

Role in GamesEdit

In the second game's story, Sentomaru first pursues the Straw Hats alongside Garp after spotting a suspicious dial on Luffy's character. Jimbei then assists by surprising Sentomaru's troops forcing to him to alert Kizaru.

Later on, the Teach Coalition brainwashes Sentomaru into attack the Marines stationed on Drum Island. Kizaru has no choice but to fight him. Eventually, the Straw Hat-Whitebeard Coalition eventually beats the Marine back to his senses.

In the third game's story, Sentomaru first pursues the Straw Hats and Law alongside Kizaru and the Pascifistas. He later appears at Marineford, leading an army of Pascifistas.


Sentomaru proudly calls himself the "world's best" guard.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Using the Color of Arms Haki, he can deliver serious slaps to pierce even rubber humans like Luffy.

Attack ListEdit

  • Normal Attack: Same as Jinbe's but without the water effects and his final hit releases a Haki burst.
  • Strong Attack: Sentomaru stomps forward, then rapidly thrusts his palms before finishes with a hard palm thrust.
  • Sumo Jump: Sentomaru jumps high into the air and comes down crushing enemies underfoot.
  • Sumo Throw: Sentomaru grabs an enemy and throws him/her in the opposite direction over his shoulder.
  • Musou: Sumo Slam: Sentomaru positions himself like a sumo wrestler, then does a powerful palm thrust that releases Haki to blow enemies away.


  • Sentomaru's moveset is partially borrowed from Jinbe.
  • In the third installment, the coat from his post-timeskip version does not appear on Sentomaru's person during a Dream Log stage, despite appearing during the first post-timeskip chapter.

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