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Seven Star Sash (七星帯, Shichisei Tai) is an item used in Dynasty Warriors 4, Dynasty Warriors 5, and their variants. It increases the player's luck, raising the probability of finding better items and weapons. In Dynasty Warriors Online, it upgrades your chance of getting high level weapons, armor, or better items. This item was once known as the Seven Star Orb (七星玉, Shichisei Gyoku) in Dynasty Warriors 3.

How to ObtainEdit

The Seven Star Sash is a standard item and can be obtained through the normal method of breaking Boxes/Vases or slaying officers. In Dynasty Warriors: Online, you either pay AP (real money) for it, get it as a reward for the Musou Board, or very rarely as a craft bonus.

To obtain the item in Warriors Orochi 3, have Ryu Hayabusa in the main party during the Battle of Changban in Chapter 3 (first version). Earn 1,000 K.Os to trigger the rare item report.


Many players dispute how useful this item really is. The fact it increases luck means nothing - it may increase the chance of Meat Buns appearing, or it may increase the level of items picked up. However, nothing has been completely proven.

In Dynasty Warriors: Online it will very clearly state when an Item has been upgraded from a lower level due to the effects of this item, removing all uncertainty.

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