Shi Huangdi
Character Information
Force(s): Qin
Weapon Type: Sorcery
Unit Type: Unique
First Appearance: Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Qín Shǐhuáng (Zhao Zhèng before becoming Emperor)
Chinese name:
秦始皇 (趙政)
Style name:
Chinese name:
259 BC
210 BC
His given name is Yíng Zhèng (嬴政), his ancestral name.

Shi Huangdi (始皇帝, lit. "First Emperor". onyomi: Shikōtei) is generally credited to have founded the first unified Empire of China around 221 BCE, beginning construction of the Great Wall along with many other great projects at the expense of countless lives. As emperor, he was renowned for his ruthlessness and tyrannical efforts to shape the country according to his vision and extravagant lifestyle. He lived to be only 50 years old, ironically due to consumption of mercury in an effort to prolong his life.

His height for his normal human form in the Dynasty Warriors series is 178 cm (5'10"). He mainly appears as an elderly gentleman, but he can transform into a gigantic beast or into a younger version of himself for this franchise.

Role in GamesEdit

Shi Huangdi, a tyrannical ruler with mystical powers, has been revived after the devastation caused by Lu Bu's revolt and death from the first title and serves as the game's main antagonist. With the power to resurrect old heroes and gods at his command, he disrupts the new found peace and desires to create an "undying, eternal empire" for himself. In order to fulfill his ambitions, he also resurrects Xiang Yu and gains Huang Quan as an ally. The heroes of the Three Kingdoms band together to stop him.

Even when surrounded by his enemies in the final showdown, Shi Huangdi expresses no fear or hesitation against them as he draws in more souls to regain his former strength and youth. Losing a second time, he then turns himself into a monstrous being by merging with the fallen forms of the Black Dragon and the Mysterious Turtle. The ensuing battle eventually took its toll on Shi Huangdi's new vessel causing all the souls he absorbed to be released. Thus, his dream to revive his empire came to a bitter end.

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