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Shigehira Taira
Taira​ Shigehira​ in Harukanaru 3.jpg
Character Information
September 24
183 cm
Taira no Kiyomori (father)
Nii no Ama (mother)
Taira no Tomomori (elder brother)
Taira no Koremori (younger relative)
Taira no Atsumori (younger relative)
Taira no Tsunemasa (relative)
Taira no Tadanori (elder relative)
Former Taira clan member
Fujiwara Yasuhira's servant
Innate Element:
Heavenly's Lance
Favorite Color:
Favorite Flower(s):
White Poppy
Voice Actor(s):
Kenji Hamada
First Appearance: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3
Historical Information
Real Name:
Taira no Shigehira
Japanese Name:
平 重衡
July 21, 1185
Has an alias when serving Fujiwara Yasuhira is Shirogane (銀)

Shigehira Taira was a warlord of the Taira and helping Tomomori in the battle against Minamoto. Although Yoshitsune is his main enemy but the enemy is scarier than Yoshitsune is warrior monks from Tōdai-ji Temple.

Role in Games[]

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3[]

He is a dignified young man but there is no memory left. He travel to Ōshū Province to served Fujiwara Yasuhira. Due to honesty, made Yasuhira happy and gave him the name Shirogane. Later, when the heroine and the group arrived in Ōshū, Shirogane was very welcoming to her group but then the heroine's group began to suspect Shirogane that maybe a member of Taira clan. Therefore, the heroine's group has surveyed various information until it can be concluded that Shirogane was actually a member of the Taira clan. He was the son of Kiyomori and the younger brother of Tomomori and Shirogane has a real name is Shigehira.

Genpei Kassen[]

He is one of the commander of Taira army. In the game shows that he is brave enough.

Historical Information[]

He is a 7th son of Taira Kiyomori and was a brethren with Munemori and Tomomori. In 1180, he and Tomomori gain victory and killed Minamoto Yorimasa and Prince Mochihito at Uji and burned Nara City. Which from that burning causing the destruction of Nara City not even Tōdai-ji Temple was burned to the ground. Although he can overcome Minamoto Yukiie at the Sunomata River but Shigehira was captured by Minamoto Yoshitsune's soldiers in 1184 and then forced to go to Tōdai-ji. Because of his sins that burned down the temple in January 15, 1181, make he was killed by the warrior monks in July 21, 1585. He died at the age 28.