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Subjugation of Shikoku
Shikoku in Samurai Warriors 4
Date First campaign: 1581~1582
Second campaign: 1585
Location First campaign: Awaji, Awa, and Sanuki Provinces
Second campaign: Awaji, Sanuki, and Iyo Provinces
Result First campaign: Discontinued due to the Incident at Honnōji.
Second campaign: Chōsokabe surrender.
Chōsokabe Oda
Motochika Chōsokabe Hideyoshi Hashiba

The Subjugation of Shikoku (四国征伐) is a series of conflicts staged near or on one of the four main islands of Japan, Shikoku.

After Nobunaga quelled most of the resistance near Kyoto, he decided to expand his influences further and split his army to conquer the remaining clans. One of these campaigns included the island nearest to Kyoto, which was then ruled by Motochika. Hideyoshi helped in the first attempt to conquer the island, but he and the other Oda officers were forced to withdraw when their lord was killed at Honnōji. Once the Komaki-Nagakute conflicts concluded, Hideyoshi resumed marching his army west and once again attacked Shikoku with his superior numbers.

The subjugation or mentions of it occurs in various titles in the Nobunaga's Ambition series, mainly in the more recent titles. Tendou offers a preset scenario that reenacts Motochika's conquest of the island.

Role in Games[]

Samurai Warriors[]

Both of the main Shikoku campaigns premiere in Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Motochika's version of the battle has his home heavily surrounded by Hideyoshi's army. Taking place during the second campaign, he rallies his men to defy surrender and fight against the large Hashiba army. Reinforcements lead by Hiroie Kikkawa threaten the main camp in the north west. Fighting them back, Mitsunari backs up the Hashiba army with additional troops and cannons from the sea. To counter, Motochika leads a defense captain to return fire with the northern fort's cannons. He does the same with the southern fort, even when Ieyasu's army threaten the defense captain's safety. Sinking both the Hashiba and Mōri navy reinforcements, Sakon and Mitsunari charge for Motochika's main camp. Toshiie arrives with more troops in Hideyoshi's defense. Although Motochika wins the battle, he agrees to surrender after the battle for the good of his men.

The Hashiba version acts as the first campaign, in which Hideyoshi decides to deal with Motochika first before avenging Nobunaga. Hideyoshi first orders the army to secure the landing point for their reinforcements. Motochika counters by blasting his cannons from land and sea. To prevent more damage to their troops, an order for claiming the north and southern cannon forts commences. Capturing one of the forts allows the Hashiba army to redirect the cannons towards the Chōsokabe navy. Once the enemy ships sink, a full scale assault begins. About midway on the field, the Mōri decide to befriend Motochika for a common goal and ambush Hideyoshi's troops on three points on the map, much to Hideyoshi's and Toshiie's surprises. Then when the allies draw in on Motochika's camp, the Mori reinforcements appear again led by Ekei, and Motochika is surprised by their enemies allying with them, and then the player can choose to deal with the reinforcements, or defeat Motochika to end the stage there.

Nobunaga acts as the battle's commander during Motochika's dream version of the stage, which is a romanticized version of the first campaign. Magoichi also reinforces Motochika and the north cannon fort is commanded by Hideyoshi. Nobunaga's army is much greater than Hideyoshi and the naval parts of the battle play much more importance than the second siege, due to the sheer size and power of the Oda forces and the Chosokabe's desperation to gain morale.

It is not a battle in Samurai Warriors 3, but it is given a brief mention in Hideyoshi's and Motochika's stories. It appears in Samurai Warriors Chronicles using the map of Ishigakibaru where Kanbei acts as commander of the Toyotomi forces.

In Samurai Warriors 4, the first invasion led by Mitsunari at Hiketa is seen from the Chosokabe perspective. Masayasu Sogo lends his assistance to the Toyotomi cause as well. After advancing to the Toyotomi ships, they are ambushed by several soldiers such as fireball soldiers and shield guards. Koshōshō tries to use her charms to lower enemy morale. If playing as Koshosho, the player can also hear Magoichi Saika but he's not present on the battlefield, indicating that Koshosho is hallucinating and feels guilt over his death. Nene will advance from the northern garrison with the Sogo army once she deems the allied forces 'naughty' and her defeat prompts Mitsunari to launch a charge reinforced by Yoshitsugu Ōtani in the third boat which arrives to dock at the castle.

The Toyotomi side involves the Toyotomi led by Kanbei collaborating with the Mōri and is implied to take place after Mitsunari's attempt. Kanbei orders allied forces to seize the floating garrisons in the centre to secure the allied naval advance. The enemy forces are unusually high in morale due to Koshosho's charms, luring her into allied territory and defeating her is seen as the only way to rectify the problem. Munenori Yagyū tries to attack the ships and sever lines of connection, defeating him allows Hideyoshi's third ship to embank at the south castle. To get past the enemy defenses, luring Gracia out of her garrison in the west is essential to ambush Motochika's camp from above. Once Motochika is ambushed however, Koshosho leads enemy forces in one last desperate assault against Hideyoshi, flirting with him to lower his guard and earn the ire of Nene. Defeating them both leads to Motochika's surrender.

In Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, the battle for Shikoku takes place on a map resembling Okinatawate instead, where it focuses on Chacha who is determined on bringing her childhood friend Gracia to safety who has been in grief since her father's death. The main focus of the battle is again defeating Koshosho's charms but also countering ambush forces from both parties in the marshy centre of the battlefield.

Warriors Orochi[]

Shikoku is the battleground for Mitsuhide, Yue Ying, and Ling Tong's Dream Mode in Warriors Orochi 2. They unite to calmly defend Ieyasu from Masamune's army. Since Ieyasu is heavily surrounded, the trio agree that they should confront each obstacle against them one at a time. The first problem lies in the two cannon forts guarded by Sun Ce and Huang Zhong. Ling Tong suggests defeating the enemies near Sun Ce to lure him out of his duty while Yue Ying advices to taunt the elder into action, a task which Xiahou Yuan volunteers to perform. Zhu Rong is present in the south, and she will charge for Ieyasu once she loses patience.

If both plans work and the generals are defeated, the cannons will turn to fire at Masamune's camp and Ieyasu's morale rises significantly. Once Masamune loses his patience, Tadakatsu and Zhang He arrive as reinforcements and Ieyasu signals the final charge.

Warriors All-Stars[]

The map from Samurai Warriors 4 appears in several scenarios but has been somewhat redesigned to resemble the Dead or Alive beachfronts more.

Historical Information[]

First Campaign[]

Second Campaign[]


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