This game and the listed DLC are only available in Japan. Everything is free of charge.

Scenario Set 01Edit

Three scenarios for VS Mode.

  • The first scenario is a 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 stage. It allows players to have Lu Bu as an ally and includes a new fire pillar base.
  • Next up is a battle royal friendly stage for 4 players. They'll get attacked by tornadoes and dark swirls of energy throughout the battlefield.
  • Fog blocks the players' view of the mini-map in the 3 player friendly third map. The "Spy" skill can be offered to players in the Surprise Bases.

Scenario and Character Set 02Edit

Unlocks guest character Kanetsugu Naoe into the playable cast. One new scenario is included for four players. It forces them to a timed race across a series of tornadoes and rolling boulders.

Scenario Set 03Edit

Two scenarios. One is a single player scenario with a fixed team of Zhuge Liang, Jia Xu, and Sima Yi. The three masterminds band together to take Xiapi away from a powerful army of generals. The second story is a VS friendly one with a special set of falling boulders, support, and seal bases littered across the map.

Scenario and Character Set 04Edit

Unlocks guest character Ayane into the playable cast. One new scenario is included for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 fights. It is a stage filled with ice and wild animal bases.

Scenario Set 05Edit

Battle royale stage available for all four players. Battle conditions are randomized each time players fight within it, keeping the players guessing for which bases or other conditions are available.

Character Set 05Edit

Unlocks playable guest character, Mitsunari Ishida.

Costume Set 01Edit

A new outfit for playable guest character, Ayane.

Scenario Set 06Edit

Single player stage. The powerhouses of the age want to prove to the strategists that they are the true force of the age.

Scenario Set 07Edit

1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 stage. Players have to deal with several obstacles in the most compact map of the game.

Scenario Set 08Edit

Three scenarios for VS Mode.

  • Single player only stage. The player controls an all-women team to prove themselves to the men of the age.
  • Stage for three players. Map is peppered with illusionary soldiers, freezing, and sealing bases.
  • 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 stage. Gunpowder urns and dark vortexes litter the restorative bases throughout the map. Players fight with the items to heal lost health.

Edit Parts 01Edit

The four early bird special masks can now be downloaded by any player who owns the game.


Costume Set 02Edit

Limited edition costumes are now free to download.

Costume Set 03Edit

Reservation bonus costumes are now free to download.

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