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Sima Yan
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII~XIV portrait
Character Information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Iron fan (7)
Sword (4, 8)
Unit Type: Strategist
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 4
Historical Information
Real name:
Emperor Wǔ of Jìn
Chinese name:
晋武帝 - 晉武帝
Style name:
Chinese name:
Given name is Sīmǎ Yán (司馬炎).

Sima Yan (onyomi: Shiba En) is the son of Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji, and the grandson of Sima Yi and Zhang Chunhua. Over the years, the Sima clan had gained an enormous amount of power within the Wei court. In the year 265, he forced Cao Huan to abdicate as emperor and took his place, beginning the Jin Dynasty.

Role in Games[]

In Dynasty Warriors 4, Sima Yan is present, but only as a generic bodyguard for the player.

During the ending cinematic for Jin's Story Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7, Sima Yan leads troops to overthrow the Wei emperor to become emperor himself after his father's death, establishing the Jin Dynasty in place of his father. The Wu kingdom cripples over time and surrenders to him, signaling the end of the Three Kingdoms era.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has Sima Yan appear in one of the interludes which has him hear Sima Yi recounting the days Wei had fought Zhuge Liang. He is also an NPC in some of the bond stories associated with Jin.

He makes an appearance with his father in Warriors Orochi 3 using the strategist general design, only using a sword instead of an iron fan. He also appears in the Siege of Tong Gate to bring in the fleet of boats if the player is using Sima Shi. He also appears in the Battle of Hasedō if the player is using Sima Zhao.

Voice Actors[]

  • Tadashi Miyazawa - Youkai Sangokushi (Japanese)

Historical Information[]

Sima Yan became the King of Jin in 265, after the sudden death of his father. His ascension was thanks to the support he had among a number of high level officers who convinced Sima Zhao to name him heir instead of his other son, Sima You, who had been adopted by Sima Shi. Just a few months later, he forced the last Emperor of Wei, Cao Huan, to abdicate, and he became the first Emperor of Jin.

Years later, in 280 his armies would finally crush Wu and force their last emperor. Sun Hao, to surrender, thus fully reuniting the land for the first time since the collapse of the Han Dynasty. However, the dynasty he established would soon fall prey to corruption, political turmoil, and infighting. Sima Yan passed away in 290, just a short time before the Empire he established was overrun by barbarians.


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