Character Information
Allegiance(s): CP9
March 11
Funkfreed (sword)
Voice Actors:
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Spandam is the chief of CP9, the World Government's secret organization. Years before, he was involved in the Buster Call that wrecked Nico Robin's hometown of Ohara. After receiving an order to investigate the ancient weapon Pluton, Spandam sent his intelligence agents to infiltrate Water 7 and was scarred by Franky forcing him to wear a mask.

When the Straw Hat Pirates raced to rescue Robin from Enies Lobby, an angered Spandam orders a Buster Call to obliterate his base in an effort to kill the Straw Hats, but it fails.

Role in GameEdit

While Spandam has yet to appear in gameplay in the Pirate Warriors series, he plays a small role in the Dream Log of the third game. He deploys a CP9 ambush against the player frequently, only to be thwarted by an unexpectant Kuro who refuses to join CP9.



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