Takanobu Ryūzōji
Takanobu Ryuzoji (NAS)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Ryūzōji
Weapon Type:
Unit Type: Male Samurai
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Ryūzōji Takanobu
Japanese name:
March 24, 1529
May 4, 1584

Takanobu Ryūzōji is one of the three great daimyo who ruled a region in Kyūshū. He is the nineteenth head of the Ryūzōji clan and is famously known as "The Bear of Hizen". Historically, his cruelty and ruthlessness was compared to Yoshimoto. Their infamous reputation and the nature of their deaths being caused by two eccentrics had later generations dub Takanobu as "the Yoshimoto" for Yoshihiro.

Role in GamesEdit

Takanobu is already dead within the main narrative of the Samurai Warriors series. He only appears as a general during the series's Empires titles. The second Empires entry highlights portions of his regime and his fall during Yoshihiro's story route. He is portrayed as a cruel and arrogant leader who abuses his cohorts and retainers; his death after his defeat at Okinawate is given a lengthy cutscene within this title.

Nobunaga's Ambition often has Takanobu be the middle man of the three powers in Kyushu. His military might is not as strong as the Shimazu, and his intellectual traits are behind the Ōtomo. Recent titles in the series tend to emphasize the strengths of his powerful retainers as his crowning trait over his major rivals, particularly his "renowned four devas". Players can utilize their potentially game-breaking abilities to conquer the land with minimal difficulty. Takanobu's personal stats are often above-average in the series, but his Political traits tend to be the weakest of the lords within Kyushu.

The online adaptation of the series portrays him as a heavily muscled thug who truly has a heart of gold. Similar to the stereotypical image for a yakuza family, his four kings are dressed in brightly colored garb and have intricate tattoos on their bodies. He has a wife named Akira who wields two swords, talks rudely, and loves her husband dearly.


  • "This stuff is quite good. Let us enjoy the wine."
"My lord, please wait! There may be poison in the wine. It's dangerous!"
"Are you stupid? If old man Dōsetsu was mean enough to poison the wine, he could have killed me ages ago!"
~~Takanobu and Naoshige; Sengoku Musou 3: Empires

Historical InformationEdit


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