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Tomohiko Sho (庄 知彦, Shō Tomohiko) is a video game programmer and director for Koei who works in Omega Force. He formerly worked as the planner for the Software 1 Division. He is currently married and has fathered a daughter.

Sho first became interested in Koei through the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. His love for the game transferred to pursuing comics and animated works based on the era, before it extended to actively studying history books about it. He appreciated how Koei's games sparked his new hobby and aspired to make games that would replicate the same adventure for others to enjoy. Sho joined Koei shortly before Omega Force's formation. At the time of its creation, he was also a fighting games fan so he jokes that his inclusion for Dynasty Warriors was his "destined calling."

He considers himself to be a game designer rather than a producer since he is often more focused on a game's enjoyment rather than management aspects of his title. He is active in the planning phases and always aspires to create games he thinks will entertain players. He stresses that the will to finish a product and release a competitive title are impactive traits for anyone wishes to enter the industry. While he thinks the "brother system"—the company's senior-junior mentoring system— is effective, Sho thinks the benefits of that experience is too reliant on the knowledge of the senior. He is currently making a game development class to further provide assistance to new developers within the company.

This article originally wrote that Sho jokingly introduces himself as "the Koei director in the best shape" and other such accolades; Sho replied that it isn't a joke and "that's the actual truth". In contrast to these statements' purported arrogance, he is a timid and polite public speaker. The introductions Sho gives himself are affectionate nods to common comments he sees during the Nico Nico livestreams.

His hobbies include baking and practicing martial arts. He tries to bake confectioneries to celebrate the completion of his game projects. Sho likes to exercise during his work breaks.


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