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Toshimitsu Saitō
Samurai Warriors 5 artwork
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Saitō
Weapon(s): Spear
Significant Battle(s):
Playable Debut: Samurai Warriors 5
Historical Information
Real name:
Saitō Toshimitsu
Japanese name:
斎藤 利三
July 6, 1582

Toshimitsu Saitō is one of Mitsuhide Akechi's most trusted retainers, often treated as second only to Hidemitsu Akechi. Nobunaga Oda recognized his skill and was displeased when he chose to serve Mitsuhide instead of himself. A loyal warrior, Toshimitsu died alongside his lord at Yamazaki.

Prior to his playable debut, Toshimitsu has been a generic officer since the first game.

Role in Games[]

Toshimitsu fights alongside his lord since his first appearance in Samurai Warriors appearing in middle of the Oda campaigns and having a recurring participation at Yamazaki. He either charges with the front line or stands among the first line of defense on the approach to Mitsuhide. Ever since Samurai Warriors 3, Toshimitsu and his son bearing the same name have served under Mitsuhide, with no clues given on how to tell the two apart as they share the same generic model. In Spirit of Sanada, he and Magoichi Saika are in charge of pursuing the Tokugawa forces at Iga.

The playable Toshimitsu in Samurai Warriors 5 first appears as Mitsuhide's friend since his time under Dōsan Saitō and would defend Mino from Nobunaga Oda's first invasion. After Dōsan's death at the hands of Yoshitatsu at Nagaragawa, and the subsequent destruction of Akechi Castle, Toshimitsu joins Mitsuhide in wandering the land for a worthy master as he was an exiled member of the ruling clan and felt no longer welcome. Although they do a lot in their travels, such as helping Yoshikage Asakura defend Echizen and becoming acquainted with Nagamasa Azai, helping Shikanosuke Yamanaka and his efforts to restore the Amago and even the legendary Kenshin Uesugi in the fourth clash at Kawanakajima, they eventually end up helping Nobunaga march with Yoshiaki Ashikaga to Kyoto and join his forces thereafter even when the forces they helped with among their travels turn against the Oda.

Toshimitsu continually is concerned about his lord fighting old friends, but still dutifully accompanies him under Nobunaga and even his own independent campaigns such as Tanba. When Shikanosuke dies at Kōzuki Castle, Toshimitsu laments his fate alongside his lord. When Mitsuhide decides to rebel against Nobunaga at Honnōji, the surprised Toshimitsu ends up accompanying his friend's rebellion. During the final battle against Hideyoshi's forces at Yamazaki, Toshimitsu perishes defending the Akechi main camp from Kanbei Kuroda in the Akechi side. In the Hashiba side, he locks himself in the Akechi camp with Hideyoshi to give his lord the opportunity to occupy Mt. Tennō but is slain by Hideyoshi's forces as they make their escape.

In Kessen III, Toshimitsu appears early in the game as a part of the Saitō army. He goes missing after the battle of Inabayama Castle, only to be reported later as joining Mitsuhide in his campaigns in the north. His moment of glory arrives at the end of chapter ten in Gifu Castle, where he serves as the castle's guard. He is ultimately done in due to a fire attack by Nobunaga Oda, where he uses his last breaths lamenting his inability to aid Mitsuhide achieve his dreams. In the following chapter, Mitsuhide is shown visibly shaken by the loss of Toshimitsu.


Voice Actors[]


  • "Nobunaga! Your head belongs to Toshimitsu now!"
  • "The wound you received from Lady Kicho is deeper than I first thought. You must take it easy. You know I...I was betting on you to win…"
"Toshimitsu… I am counting on you."
"Until I have seen you where you belong...Until you control the land...I cannot die!"
~~Toshimitsu and Mitsuhide; Kessen III


Samurai Warriors 5[]

Keys: Square Normal Attack • Triangle Charge Attack Circle Musou X Jump/Mount

Toshimitsu Saitō is affiliated with the spear in this appearance.

Ground Moveset[]

Square, Triangle: Toshimitsu swings his spear to unleash a tornado in front of him, then takes a bow.
Square, Square, Triangle: Toshimitsu smacks enemies with the back of his spear to stun them.
Square, Square, Square, Triangle: Toshimitsu dash thrusts his spear forward, then hops backward swinging the spear to the right.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle: Toshimitsu spins and swings his spear to the right.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle: Toshimitsu chucks his spear surrounded by winds at enemies and gets a replacement.
Circle: Toshimitsu moves forward rapidly thrusting his spear at enemies. For the finisher, he poses, then charges up and pierces forward shooting a powerful vortex outward.

"Circle (Frenzy): Same as before, but Toshimitsu adds a second vortex thrust after the first.


Silencer: Stab your enemy with a powerful thrust, then follow up with a lightning fast X-shaped slash.
Ultimate Skill: Cross Blow: Toshimitsu does an energetic downward slash, then a slash to the right, then thrusts forward with a surrounding air tunnel.

Historical Information[]

Painting of Toshimitu by Ochiai Yoshiiku, 19th century

Saitō Toshimitsu was born to Saitō Toshikata in Mino province. He followed in his father's shoes by joining Saitō Dosan as one of his retainers. Although sharing the same family name, Toshimitsu was not directly related to the ruling Saitō family, originating from a different branch. After Dosan’s son, Saitō Yoshitatsu was overthrown by his own son, Toshimitsu entered into the service of Inaba Ittetsu. He followed Ittetsu into rebellion against Tatsuoki and joined the Oda. Perhaps in part to being already acquainted with one another, Toshimitsu went to serve directly under Akechi Mitsuhide. Mitsuhide recognized his ability and gave him a 10,000 koku stipend.

Oda Nobunaga was not pleased that Toshimitsu chose to work under Mitsuhide. He summoned Toshimitsu to have him killed, but Mitsuhide ignored the summons and managed to cool Nobunaga’s anger. Toshimitsu proved valuable to Mitsuhide, going as far as to help spearhead the attack on Honnōji when Mitsuhide decided to rebel. He also fought alongside his lord at Yamazaki, where he fought the forces of Ikeda Tsuneoki and Takayama Shigetomo. The battle went poorly for him and he either was captured and executed at the Higashiyama Awata execution grounds or escaped the battle, only to commit seppuku afterwards. Either way, his friends in the imperial court, Kaihō Yūshō and Tyōbō Chōsei ensured his head received a proper burial.